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There’s just too much content out there to read it all.

Maybe it’s that long report where only a fraction is relevant to you; Or perhaps, the paper that you need to skim through so you contribute to the discussion; Or it might be that blog post that you don’t have time to read in full - we are living in the era of information overload, where being able to read & digest content faster becomes a critical skill. 

Wordtune Read - your reading superpower

Wordtune Read offers a revolutionary reading experience that helps you read long documents and articles. It saves you valuable time by extracting the most important information from the articles and documents you need to understand & showcasing it to you in a really simple format. Our advanced AI creates your own summary — like a study guide — for any article or PDF, so you can skim the key points. 

When we were building this product we knew users might have concerns just reading through an automatic summary - how can I tell what’s missing? How can I get more information if there is a point that interests me? This is why instead of one long summary for the entire document, Wordtune Read displays short, one-line summaries right next to each section of text. The idea is not to replace the original document, but to enhance your reading abilities so you can consume more content, faster. Think of it as having a personal assistant that reads everything you need to read beforehand, and adds short comments and highlights next to the article to summarize it for you. 

How do I use it?

Upload a PDF file from your computer or enter a URL to an online article you would like to read. Wordtune Read will instantly highlight the most relevant information and add short summaries to be displayed next to each passage. 

When hovering over a summary, highlights will appear over the original text showing you what the key points are. If you prefer, you can toggle the highlights to always be displayed throughout the document.

Besides reading, you can easily export or copy the summaries to use them outside the Wordtune app. Each summary has a copy button to quickly copy it to your clipboard, and two buttons at the top navigation bar allow you to copy all the summaries or export them to a Microsoft Word format.

Happy Reading!