Too many saved articles but not enough time to read them? Let AI deliver the TL;DR

Too many saved articles but not enough time to read them? Let AI deliver the TL;DR

It's so intuitive and ingenious, you’ll be wondering where this was in college

By Adina Noble | Apr 16, 2022

Do you find yourself saving a lot of articles, but never get time to actually read them? Or reading a long article, only to realize it wasn't what you expected? As a result of these exact problems and frustrations, the creators of Wordtune Read decided and took action in developing an artificial intelligence technology which can extract the most relevant data from any lengthy text, while saving us the commodity we all need more of - time.


Wordtune Read gives you the TL;DR of any article you want. Once you decide to upload an article, or paste a link, snippets of each important paragraph will be presented next to the original text, allowing you to skim through the document faster and save up to 70% of your average reading time. Should you decide to deep-dive into the full article, the key points are right next to the original text, making reading effortless and exciting.

Wordtune online website. You just need to paste a link or upload a file, and it will automatically create snippets next to the article.

The platform is super simple. You can either use its online website, where you can paste a link or upload a file or add it as a Chrome extension and use it on the go. Once added to Chrome, simply click on the blue ‘W’ Extension to see high-level reviews of the main points of the article. From there, you can choose to dive into the comprehensive summaries of the entire text by clicking on the option to read all summaries. This AI reading companion can summarize PDF, site, or even free text as you type it.

Wordtune Chrome Extension in action. You can click on it while surfing the web, and it will pop-up with snippets summarizing the article.


The Spotlight Feature

One of the most pivotal features is Spotlight. Thanks to the Spotlight feature, Wordtune Read will extract the main topics of the text, enabling you to choose, prior to your reading, the summary of the text tailored to your needs. This means that on top of summarizing the entire text, you can also choose the summaries that are most relevant for your research and focus on them.

The Spotlight feature, only showing snippets relevant to a specific subject within the article.

Wordtune Read is but one of the AI inventions of AI21 Labs, the world-renowned Research and Development powerhouse. Wordtune Write, one of Google’s Favorite Apps of 2021 was the firstborn, released in October of 2020. Wordtune Write transforms your first-draft ideas into well-written, eloquent text, empowering over 1 Million writers: from the non-native English speaker to the seasoned academic. AI21’s language tools have revolutionized reading and writing entirely.

In May of 2021, Wordtune Read was launched, absolutely shattering all expectations of what an NLP can do. Wordtune Read has become a useful tool among business professionals, analysts, and students.