Pedagogically Designed to Spark Critical Thinking

Empower university students to make decisions about their writing with generative AI that enhances, not replaces, the thought process.

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Wordtune expands possibilities for your students

Help students make thoughtful decisions

Wordtune asks students to make choices about their writing based on audience, situation, & purpose.

Build critical thinking skills in students

Educators use Wordtune to help students reflect on why they made specific decisions in their writing.

Boost student confidence

Wordtune doesn’t correct students - it showcases possibilities, empowering them to reflect on the strengths of their ideas earlier in the writing process.

Accessibility for all types of learners

Wordtune is designed to help everyone, including marginalized students with dyslexia/ADHD and those without formal literacy instruction.

Level the playing field for non-native speakers

Support your international students with translations from Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Hebrew, or Russian into English.

Wordtune helps professors do more

Focus On What Matters Most

Improve your students' writing by generating quality feedback more quickly.

Teach Concepts,
Not Corrections

More time to have meaningful conversations with your students about their decision making process.

Track Writing
Progress Over Time

Insights that allow you to track student writing progress and identify opportunities for targeted instructional intervention.

Integrates with all leading LMS platforms and more...