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Why should you settle for a grammar checker instead of an AI writing and reading assistant?

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Why use Wordtune:

  • Wordtune provides both an AI summarizing tool and a Writing assistant

  • Use Wordtune's generative AI instead of using pre-defined snippets

  • Get multiple rewrite suggestions to choose from instead of one solution that may not fit your intent

  • Use contextual rephrasing based on the entire text meaning instead of correcting one sentence at a time

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Wordtune for Teams
Grammarly Business

Price per seat -

Wordtune - $9.99

Grammarly - $15

Rephrasing alternatives



Generative AI


Not available

Translation to English

Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Mandarin, Korean Hebrew, Russian, French and German

Not available

Reading and summary capabilities


Not available

Grammar correction



Account management

Dedicated Account Manager from 5 users +

Customer support on Enterprise plan only

Why more and more companies prefer Wordtune for business over Grammarly?

Global teams save thousands of hours

Wordtune can save international teams thousands of hours by translating a language of your choice into English in one click. Currently supporting German, French, Spanish, Hindi, Mandarin, Arabic, Korean and more

Your information is none of our business

Our enterprise offering is the only one on the market that offers traceless usage - we won’t request permission to read your data and also won’t store it in our database

Generative AI became a must for every business growth

After the ChatGPT buzz, the demand for generative AI capabilities grew exponentially. With Spices, Wordtune's writing assistant, you can create text from scratch or add text based on your drafts from a variety of possibilities - expanding on a topic, explaining it and more.

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