How much does Wordtune Read cost?

Wordtune Read has a free plan, where you can read 5 new summaries per month.
Beyond that, you can choose between our premium plans starting from $9.99/month.

Please note re-opening documents from your library does not count against your quota.

How do I get started using Wordtune Read?

Start by creating an account, using your Google, Facebook or Email account. Then, either upload a PDF file from your computer or insert a URL to an online article you would like to read. Wordtune Read will instantly highlight the most relevant information and add short summaries to be displayed next to each passage. Besides reading, you can easily export or copy the summaries to use them outside the app.

What files does Wordtune Read work on?

At the moment, Wordtune Read can analyze either PDF files or online articles.

What devices does Wordtune Read work on?

Wordtune Read is currently available on desktop only.

What language does Wordtune Read support?

Wordtune Read currently supports documents written in English only.

Does it work offline?

No. As Wordtune Read is a web application and cannot be used offline. You can export Wordtune Read summaries to a file for later offline use.

How does Wordtune Read decide what is important to summarize?

Wordtune Read is based on our advanced proprietary AI models and algorithms. Our summarization model was trained to generate summaries by both reading a lot of documents and learning from hand-crafted summaries.

Wordtune Read produced a wrong summary that changed the meaning of the original text or missed the key point. Why is this happening?

Wordtune Read understands your document based on patterns of human language that it has learned from reading vast amounts of text. Therefore, it may sometimes slightly change the meaning of the text or miss the key information to convey a more common idea, or put the emphasis on what it thinks is more important. In case you are not satisfied with one of the provided summaries, please report using the thumbs-down button in the summary box. This feedback helps our model learn and get better.

Are you collecting data on my text?

Wordtune Read uses a powerful algorithm based on machine learning and AI to review your text and provide you with summarizations. To do so, we send the text to our servers for processing under the strictest security rules. You’re welcome to read more about it on our privacy policy page.

Can anyone at Wordtune read the documents I upload? 

Wordtune employees have absolutely no ability to access your documents and cannot read them at will. The only exception is a very select team of engineers who are actively working to fix technical issues related to your account.

Are you selling/sending my data to 3rd parties?

We do not sell any information about our users to third-party companies such as advertisers or data brokers. Wordtune works with trusted third-party companies who help us provide and improve our services to you. 

Where do you store my data? Is it on your servers?

Wordtune data is stored on servers hosted by Google Cloud in the US.