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October 2, 2023

7 Best AI Social Media Tools for Marketers and How to Use Them

7 Best AI Social Media Tools for Marketers and How to Use Them

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From brainstorming ideas and executing campaigns to analyzing data, a successful social media strategy involves lots of moving parts.

And as a social media manager who works regularly with entrepreneurs and businesses to plan their social content, I understand the time constraints and pressures social media marketers face.

Fortunately, AI tools can help you get more done, more effectively and in a shorter time. This means greater engagement, better ROI, and less stress. 

In this article, I’m going to share seven of my favorite AI tools that I use in my day-to-day and offer some tips on how to make the most of them. 

How can AI help social media managers?

    • Understanding user data: Understanding your target audience, their needs and frustrations, allows you to create more focused, impactful content. AI tools can help you gain new insights from engagement data.
    • Create compelling social media assets: You can harness the power of AI to write and refine posts for LinkedIn, TikTok, Theads, Instagram, and other social media platforms.
    • Repurposing content: Repurposing long-form content (such as blog articles) into social media assets is one of the best ways to maximize ROI. AI can help you instantly generate social media posts from video, audio, and text.
    • Predictive analysis: AI tools can monitor keywords and platforms associated with your industry, making it easier to discover emerging trends and plan future content.
    • Ideation: Brainstorm more quickly, smash through writer’s block, and create engaging imagery with the help of generative AI.
    • Automate repetitive tasks: From scheduling and posting to monitoring notifications and curating content, AI tools can perform mundane tasks so you and your team can put more effort into creativity and innovation.

The Best AI tools for social media management 

Here are seven of the most useful AI tools that you can start using today. 

1. Wordtune: AI for writing posts on social media

Price: Free plan available. Paid plans from $9.99/month

Wordtune can help you craft better content for social media by making it easier and faster to brainstorm ideas, write compelling copy, and fine-tune your message.

Use the Wordtune Editor to ensure perfect spelling and grammar, improve readability, adjust your tone, and add color to your text with jokes, statistics, and more. 

Here are three ways Wordtune can be used as part of your social media strategy.

1. Create buyer personas on the fly

With its most recent update, Wordtune offers a host of useful templates for social media managers, including customer personas for marketing materials. The process is simple: open a new Wordtune document and click on “generate with AI.” 

Select “Marketing” under “select a Template”, and scroll through the option until you find Personas. Other templates include promotional emails, ad copy, creative headlines, and even entire blog posts. 

Enter the number of personas you want and a description of your product or service. The more information you can provide about how people use your product, the more accurate and useful the resulting persona will be. Click Generate and watch your personas appear like magic. 

Use Wordtune’s “Personas” marketing template to create customer personas on the fly.
Use Wordtune’s “Personas” marketing template to create customer personas on the fly.

Bear in mind that this is just a starting point. Refine these personas based on your knowledge of your company or client’s products and services to polish it off.

2. Crafting engaging posts

Wordtune is used by millions of people everyday to make their writing simpler, more concise, and more impactful—exactly what you need when crafting engaging social media posts. 

To do this, the Wordtune Editor includes several helpful tools. You’ll find quick access to commonly used features like Rewrite, Casual/Formal tone, and Shorten/Expand up at the top. 

But the real magic with Wordtune comes when you start to use Spices to bring your copy to life. You can add anecdotes and jokes, statistics and facts, emphasis, counter arguments, and even analogies and conclusions. 

When adding statistics and facts, Wordtune provides you with the source, so you can double-check it yourself and ensure it’s accurate and up-to-date.

Of course, Wordtune picks up on any errors of grammar and spelling, clunky or confusing sentences, and opportunities for concision and brevity. If you hit writer’s block, simply ask Wordtune to “Continue writing…” to see the next logical step in your argument. 

3. Engage with your audience

Social media is a two-way street. In addition to posting to social platforms, you need to respond to comments and interactions from your target audience in a way that builds trust and leads to conversions. 

Doing so means striking the right tone—usually one of interest and empathy—and writing in a way that’s both clear and true to your brand’s voice. Even seasoned social media managers can find this part of the job to be the most difficult. It’s one thing to write content for a general audience — it’s quite another to have a conversation with a customer.

Either ask Wordtune to create a response by providing context or write your own response and use Wordtune’s content tools to clean it up, ensure it’s short and impactful, and maintain brand voice.

You can also use Wordtune’s “Generate with AI” for help with responding to complaints, which is one of the most difficult ways to engage with customers online.

2. StockIMG: AI for image generation

Price: Free trial. Paid plans start from $19/month

Searching through stock images for the right social media photo can take a lot of time and effort. While many brands rely on their own images, this option isn’t always possible.

If you need a picture for a social media post, StockIMG AI can help. Rather than spending hours searching for the right image, generate one with this AI tool. 

Demonstration of how you can write a text-based prompt to generate an image on StockIMG.AI 

To generate an image follow these three simple steps:

  1. Choose a template: In the image above, I chose the Instagram template (which uses the exact sizing of an Instagram post)
  2. Create a prompt: Write your prompt out to tell the AI what type of image you are looking for. For example: a busy workplace environment with people on their phones and laptops
  3. Image generated: In just a few seconds, you’ll have an image ready to post to your social media channel!

StockIMG AI has different image models to choose from, such as a portrait, 3D artwork, and a real photo. Select which works best for you and then click Generate. This will instantly create an image based on your prompt. To edit your photo, simply adjust your text. 

This social media tool has multiple templates for different social channels such as YouTube and Facebook. The speed and ease of finding the right image for social posts makes StockIMG AI ideal for increasing productivity.

3. Lately: AI for content management

Price: Starts from $39/month

Lately is an AI tool that schedules, analyzes and repurposes content on social media channels.

It extracts engaging posts from podcasts, Youtube videos, blog articles, and more. By using your social media analytics data, it decides which parts of your content are the most likely to engage your audience. 

As an example, let's say you have a 2,000-word blog post about your brand's features. Lately can break it down into smaller, digestible pieces of content for social media based on the key points in the article and what is most relevant to your audience. 

To make the most out of Lately:

  • Upload your content: Whether it’s an article, video, webinar, or something else — Lately can handle audio, video, or text posts
  • Generate posts: Based on the long-form content you’ve entered, Lately will suggest several (even dozens!) of posts 
  • Review the posts: Make any edits you feel are necessary
  • Schedule directly: Do it all in one place by scheduling your reviewed and polished posts. Lately will suggest the best time to post to maximize engagement and reach
  • See how your post performs: This app also lets you track insights so you can see how your posts are performing. This also helps Lately adapt future posts based on the data collected 

The biggest benefit of this software is that you are able to maximize your content marketing by repurposing a single piece of content across different channels. This saves time, money, and creates consistency. 

Explaining how Lately can schedule and publish posts to save time from doing this manually.

Plus, for team managers, you can review and approve posts before they are published with Lately's Approval Workflow.

Overall, the tool makes content management efficient — helping creators repurpose content, easily schedule posts at optimum times, and track engagement.

4. Mention: AI for brand management

Price: Starts from $41/month

Mention provides social media managers with detailed insights to plan their content strategy. Using AI, the app analyzes and tracks social media data, identifying key trends in your industry.

Find the best countries and languages to target and use the keyword tool to track mentions of any brand or topic. You can use this data to see how your social media presence and engagement compares to your competitors. If a competitor is talking about a certain feature or trend, for example, take note. Adapt your strategy to cover the topic or look for gaps in the conversation that you can address.

The tool crawls platforms — like forums and social channels — to identify when someone talks about your brand or a related product. It then puts this data into a social media report so you can easily track mentions.

For example, your brand may have recently launched a brand-new product with a promotion. Mention will alert you to how often people talk about your promotion online. See what people are saying to quickly capture feedback, adjust your campaign, and analyze the product’s success. 

Another key feature are team collaboration tools that let managers easily organize all their social accounts in one place. This includes managing your team's tasks, responding to social media comments, and scheduling posts.

Mention allows you to adapt your content to be as engaging as possible by providing accurate insights on your competitors and audience. This can help you increase engagement and build a relatable brand identity. 

5. Vidyo: AI for video production

Price: Free plan available. Paid plans from $49.99/month

More than 54% of marketers believe video is the most valuable type of content to achieve social media marketing goals. A video, however, can take the longest to produce and publish.

Crafting engaging video content can take time. It usually involves generating ideas, writing scripts, filming, editing, and creating captions before publishing. 

Vidyo.AI uses AI-powered video editing to speed up the process. After creating an account, use the Brand Kit to build your company's color palette and font — this creates a consistent image on each video so your brand is instantly recognizable. 

Vidyo.ai’s editing tool can create subtitles that you can customize for your social media videos.

It’s easy for anyone to edit videos on Vidyo.ai’s user-friendly software — regardless of skill level. With the tool, quickly add emojis, generate subtitles, resize videos, and repurpose content. Vidyo.ai analyzes your content and suggests when to use emojis.

If your company produces podcasts or long-form video content for YouTube, this AI tool can generate lots of short clips to create multiple videos for social media. This also works with Zoom webinars.

Vidyo.ai detects and organizes the most important segments of a video into distinct chapters. The platform also integrates with different social media channels, letting you schedule and publish posts directly through Vidyo.ai.

6. StatusBrew: AI for content strategy

Price: Starts from $69/month

StatusBrew is an AI-based tool that helps content managers to keep track of their teams' social media content. The software is effective for publishing posts and analyzing data.

Managers can streamline communication and processes with handy workflows. Add approval permissions to double-check content internally or get client approval before publishing.

The platform's calendar helps you organize your social media tasks. Planning content to promote an upcoming event? Use the handy calendar to schedule each post, create workflow deadlines, and create a solid social media marketing strategy for your event. 

StatusBrew analyzes demographics and engagements, while building custom reports to highlight key social media metrics.

StatusBrew lets you post content to multiple social channels such as X and TikTok. Once you've published a post, access analytics to keep an eye on how your post is performing with metrics such as demographics and engagement. See how many people like, comment, and share your posts. Plus, you’ll be able to see how many people have viewed your content and if certain posts lead to more engagement than others.

It’s also easy to track specific metrics by building custom reports directly in StatusBrew. For example, if you’re looking to increase followers and social shares, track these specific metrics and create regular reports. Use the reports to gain insight and adjust your content as necessary.

7. Sprinklr: AI for trend tracking

Price: Free trial available. Pricing available on request.

Sprinklr is an AI-powered tool to provide predictive analytics for your social media accounts. By monitoring current events worldwide, Sprinklr keeps you up-to-date with relevant trends and topics. 

For example, Sprinklr can alert you when a trend’s popularity is increasing or decreasing. Use this information to make sure your content marketing strategy is relevant, relatable, and maximizes engagement. 

The tool tracks the growth of trends over time, so you can predict when they'll be most popular or when they might be about to end. This data can help you identify potential opportunities to capitalize on trends before they become saturated.

Example of Sprinklr campaign analysis. This demonstrates how the AI-tool can identify key trends such as popular hashtags and find the top phrases related to your industry.

Without AI, it can be difficult and time-consuming to manually stay up-to-date with real-time analytics. Use Sprinklr to convey your social media analytics to clients, company executives, or with your marketing team. Simply export your insights and turn them into a presentation or display. 

Sprinklr also has content templates and automated task workflows to keep your strategy on track. Assign a team member a specific post to complete, ask them to reply to specific customer comments, or share a set template for creating consistent social content.

Its calendar has many advanced features for managing social media scheduling, tracking audience engagement and planning content. 

Choosing the right AI social media tool

In order to choose the right tools, first identify your top three social media challenges. Do you have trouble keeping up with your posting schedule? Or maybe you struggle with engagement? After identifying your key issues, consider how you can best tackle them. Make notes of the key features that will help you: scheduling software, report generation, and/or creating several posts out of long-form content. 

Compare these seven tools and select the one(s) that best meet your needs. Depending on your budget, it can be a good idea to invest in a couple of different tools to maximize your efforts. Pay attention to which tools integrate well with your chosen platforms and each other.


AI helps marketers to create effective social media campaigns. From smart scheduling tools to content ideas, data analysis and report creation, managers can harness AI to increase performance, strategies, and team communication.

Check out our article on how to create a cohesive AI social media strategy to boost your content marketing quickly and easily.


What is the best AI tool for social media?

The best AI tool for social media depends on what you want to achieve with your content. Scheduling platforms like Lately and Hootsuite can automatically find the best time to post your content. StockIMG can create AI-generated visuals that go with your text. Use Wordtune to create engaging text, Vidyo.ai to extract posts from long-form content, and StatusBrew and Mention to analyze trends, data, and engagement.

What are the key benefits of using AI social media tools?

The benefits of AI social media tools include increased engagement, productivity, data analysis, scheduling support, and idea generation. This can help you make the most of your social media strategy.

What is AI for social media?

AI for social media include tools that use artificial intelligence to determine the best time to schedule a post, what trends to be aware of, help to create engaging content, and collect and track data that help you make the most of your social media strategy.