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Make sure your writing is always
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using an AI-
powered proofreading tool.
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Try Wordtune for free. No credit card required.

A proofreading toolyou can rely on

A proofreading tool
you can rely on

Improve fluency

Make your writing shine by crafting
that are simple, elegant, and fluent.

Enhance your vocabulary

Level-up your writing with the click of a button, using Wordtune's AI tools.

Increase clarity

Get your points across effortlessly
and sound like a natural doing it.

Everything you needto keep your words flowing

Everything you need
to keep your words flowing

Check your grammar as you go

Unleash your thoughts without worrying
about grammar
or punctuation; let Wordtune edit as you write.

Keep the ideas coming

Utilize Wordtune’s AI writing to pick up where you’ve
left off and generate text based on your writing style.

Fine-tune until it hits the spot

Choose from a wide array of Rewrite and paraphrasing
suggestions to write something you’re proud of.

Identify typos before hitting ‘send’

Correct any potential errors with just one click.

Discover how
Wordtune users
improved their English

4.5 stars
4.7 average star on Google Chrome favorite extension

“Wordtune is my go-to app for writing and editing. It's reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. It's the perfect choice for any writer looking to streamline their workflow.”

Henry Stevenson

“Wordtune is so easy to use! I feel confident in my writing knowing that Wordtune can correct and enhance my piece of writing within minutes.”

Olly Choi

“Awesome app for academic writing. The AI feature is well suited for academic writers. It is my go-to sentence editing app.”

Emily Davis

“The suggestions have improved my writing so much. I would recommend Wordtune to anyone struggling with grammar!”

Amanda Graham


How exactly does the online grammar checker and spelling checker work?

Wordtune analyzes your sentence structure, word choice and grammar to identify any potential issues. It then presents you with alternative options that help improve the clarity and readability of your writing.

Can Wordtune improve my writing beyond just spelling and grammar?

Yes, Wordtune is a typo detector but also provides feedback on your word choice and increases fluency and readability, helping you craft more concise and impactful sentences.

Can I use Wordtune’s typo detector and AI proofreader for free?

Yes, Wordtune’s corrections are free with any Wordtune Plan.

Why is proofreading your work important?

Online proofreading is an essential step in the writing process as it ensures the accuracy and clarity of your work. By carefully reviewing and correcting any grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors, proofreading ensures that your final piece of writing is clear, concise and error-free.

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Try Wordtune for free. No credit card required.