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Instantly rewrite paragraphs, reword sentences,
or humanize AI content with Wordtune.

Instantly rewrite paragraphs, reword sentences,
or humanize AI content with Wordtune.

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I have some exciting
news to share with you.

I have some exciting

news to share with you.

I'm thrilled to let you know that we have some new developments to share.

I'm thrilled to let you know
that we have some new
developments to share.

You'll never guess
what happened.
I have some very exciting and important news to share with you all today.

I have some very exciting
and important news to
share with you all today.

I have great news.


Boost your vocabulary and fine-tune your writing by choosing the best word for whatever it is you’re trying to say.

Translate with AI

Can’t think of the right English word? Write a word or sentence in your native language and Rewrite will automatically translate it for you to fit within the context of your writing.

AI text humanizer

Easily avoid plagiarism and ensure that your work is original by rewording your content so that it is truly your own.

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4.5 stars

Wordtune is the best in my opinion, when it comes to rewriting content.

Tracy Johnson

Can't live without wordtune, as someone who writes a-lot of sales related copy wordtune helps me personalize and gives me ideas on how to rewrite words or sentences.

Noel Pagan

It's like having 10 friends all willing to suggest alternatives to a sentence I'm writing, and I can pick the best one without hurting anyone's feelings.  :-)

Ed Bockelman

Though my writing's pretty cogent, I'm always running it through Wordtune to find inspiration and better ways to express myself.

Becky Williams
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Wordtune Rewrite can work as your own personal online proofreading tool. Simply write or paste in your text, and Wordtune Rewrite will analyze it, flagging any potential punctuation mistakes, typos, or grammatical errors, and suggest multiple ways for you to correct them.
Rephrasing lets you find new ways to say something and adjust your writing for clarity, conciseness, and readability. It can help to remove ambiguity, improve the flow of ideas, and make the text easier to understand. Rephrasing can also help to make writing more interesting and engaging, adding depth to what you have to say. It’s also a great way to avoid repetition and make your writing more concise. Plus, if you’re a student, it can be a great way to avoid plagiarism.
Use Wordtune’s Rewrite feature to discover synonyms and add variety to your writing. Simply highlight a word and click Rewrite to receive a list of suggested synonyms to choose from.
Changing tones
Easily change between formal to casual tones of voice. This is useful when you’re tailoring your writing to a specific audience. To switch between the two in Wordtune, simply select a sentence or paragraph and choose Casual or Formal at the top of your Editor. Wordtune will then offer a list of suggestions in your desired tone for you to choose from.
Need to expand on a point? Click Expand and Wordtune will lengthen your sentence. Too wordy? Hit Shorten. Wordtune can help to provide structure to your writing by adjusting sentence length. This cleans up your writing and makes it easier to read.
You can write full sentences in multiple languages with Wordtune's Editor and Extension tools. When using these features, Wordtune will automatically translate your text into English. Alongside translating and rewriting whole paragraphs, you'll also receive rephrasing recommendations in English if you subscribe to Advanced or Unlimited.
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Everything you needto keep your words flowing

Everything you need
to keep your words flowing

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in real time

Instant AI proofreading


Is Wordtune free?

Wordtune offers both free and premium plans. The free version offers up to 10 Rewrites and Spices, three AI generations, and three summaries a day. On top of that, you have unlimited grammar and spelling corrections. There are a range of premium plans with different features and pricing, including Advance, Unlimited, and Business options. Compare pricing and plans.

Does Wordtune integrate with other apps?

Yes, Wordtune integrates with other apps, including various web applications, your chosen internet browser, and Google Docs.

What can Wordtune do?

Wordtune has a variety of features, including grammar and spell check, Rewrite tools, a Summarizer, and your own personalized knowledge library. To learn more about the features, read this guide or check out our dedicated support section.

Can Wordtune be used as a thesaurus?

Yes. Wordtune has a smart synonym tool that allows you to highlight a single word and get a list of optional synonyms or substitutions. It also works on phrases, so you’re not just limited to single words.

Can Wordtune rewrite entire paragraphs?

Absolutely. You can easily switch between rewriting a sentence or a whole paragraph, too. When your Rewrite panel pops up, simply choose Sentence or Paragraph in the right-hand corner.

Is Wordtune good for academic writing?

Yes. Wordtune is a fine choice for students who are working on essays, reports, or really any formal piece of writing. Unlike other AI tools, it actually cites its source of information, avoiding common AI problems like hallucinations or copycatting. The best part is it allows you to take even further steps to avoid plagiarism and assure that your work is your own by offering you a wide array of rephrasing options.

Can Wordtune be used for translation?

Yes. Wordtune’s AI-assisted translation can help you rewrite your text in English from any of these 10 languages: Chinese - Mandarin, Arabic, Hebrew, Korean, Hindi, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese. Simply click Rewrite and Wordtune will translate your text into English.

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