Is it free?

We offer a free plan that includes unlimited word and phrase suggestions, as well as ways to rewrite your text. We also offer a 7-day trial for Wordtune Premium.

Is there a "Wordtune for business" plan?

Wordtune is helpful for both individuals and professionals who want to maximize their written communication skills. If you’re interested in getting Wordtune for a team of five or more users, please reach out to sales@wordtune.com.

How do I get started?

To get started, visit Chrome Store and install the browser extension. Next, open any website where you plan to write (Google Docs, Gmail, Facebook), start writing and highlight the text. You will see a white toolbar appear. Hover your mouse above the gray icons. If you need further assistance, please reach out to us at info@wordtune.com.

What platforms does Wordtune work on?

Wordtune is a Chrome extension that works wherever you do. The list includes: Gmail, Google Docs, Outlook (web version), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp (web version), Slack and more!

What devices does Wordtune work on?

Wordtune is currently available on desktop only. 

What language does Wordtune support?

Wordtune is currently available in English only, but it is a great tool for non-native English speakers. The Word Finder feature works in many languages, including French, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Hindi, Chinese (Mandarin), and Arabic. Write in Word Finder clues in your own language to help you find the correct English word you’re missing.

Does it work offline?

Currently, Wordtune Chrome extension only works when you’re connected to the internet.

What’s the difference between Wordtune and other grammar correction tools or writing assistants?

While grammar correction tools act as copy editors with the sole purpose of catching errors, Wordtune’s mission is to help you translate your ideas into writing by offering completely new phrasing that helps you express yourself better. We are a collaborative tool that surfaces smart possibilities and encourages you to explore and consider them - just like a real companion.

In addition to being grammatically correct, our suggestions allow you to perfect your tone, word choice and flow. 

Is Wordtune taking sentences from other sources? 

Wordtune does not take content directly from other literature, but instead utilizes AI technology to rewrite your own original sentence in  new ways. The only feature that involves other sources is ‘Examples,’  which allows you to compare your phrasing with trusted sources (like journalists) across the web. Still, Wordtune does not insert these sentences into your work, but rather simply provides you with a point of comparison.

What is the source of the text Rewrite use to make suggestions?

Wordtune is based on machine learning models trained on large datasets of properly-written text from the Web. The suggestions Wordtune makes are based on patterns learned from this data.

Wordtune changed the meaning of my text or suggested words and phrases that I didn't include in my document. Why is it happening?

Wordtune knows how to generate Rewrite suggestions by finding patterns of human language in vast amounts of text. Therefore, it may sometimes want to slightly change the meaning of the text to convey a more common idea or to add information that it thinks is implied. We are teaching Wordtune to be particularly good at preserving the meaning of your input text, but since we give it some creative freedom it may occasionally offer suggestions that seem out of context.

In some cases, it may misinterpret your text and give inaccurate or irrelevant suggestions. Here are a few tips to make sure this doesn’t happen:

- Always make sure to use Rewrite on full and complete sentences that have a period at the end.

- Use Rewrite for only one sentence at a time.

- If you're unhappy with the suggestions you receive, try to Rewrite your sentence again.

Please note that we're constantly improving our models and would love to hear from you about cases where Wordtune may have provided an unsatisfactory result. Please click on the ‘Provide Feedback’ button in your Wordtune window or write to us directly at info@wordtune.com.

Are you replacing humans?

No, we <3 humans! Humans bring the most important part of writing: the ideas. Wordtune acts as a writing companion, using AI technology to help you (the writer) communicate your own ideas in the most effective way possible.

Are you collecting data on my text?

Wordtune uses a powerful algorithm based on machine learning and AI to review your text and provide you with writing suggestions. In order to improve our writing suggestions on an on-going basis, we do send data to our servers under the strictest security rules. You’re welcome to read more about it on our privacy policy page.

Can anyone at Wordtune read my text? 

Wordtune employees have absolutely no ability to access your text and cannot read them at will. The only exception is a very select team of engineers who are actively working to fix technical issues related to your account.

Are you selling/sending my data to 3rd parties?

We do not sell any information about our users to third-party companies such as advertisers or data brokers. Wordtune works with trusted third-party companies who help us provide and improve our services to you. 

Does anyone at Wordtune read data on any website I visit?

No. In order for Wordtune to work across multiple platforms, such as Google Docs, Slack, Facebook, etc. we need your permission to access these platforms. 

However, Wordtune only read the text you are writing while using the Wordtune extension to write it. Additionally, Wordtune is blocked from accessing any text box that appears in forms that might be “sensitive,” such as credit card forms or password fields. You can disable Wordtune at any time if you don’t want it to check a particular piece of text.

Where do you store my data? Is it on your servers?

Wordtune data is stored on servers hosted by Google Cloud in the US.