Wordtune FAQ

How do I use Wordtune on my browser?

You can use Wordtune in just about all places you do your writing! Google Docs, Gmail, Slack, Facebook, Twitter, Web Outlook, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp Web, frase.io… you name it!

Google Chrome: head to your Chrome Web Store to add Wordtune. Highlight your text, click the purple Wordtune icon, and prepare to be wowed.‍

Microsoft Edge: you’ll find us in the Add-on Store. Highlight your text, click the purple Wordtune icon, and prepare to be wowed.

Wordtune Editor Site: You can also write directly in the online Wordtune Editor to see more suggestions and tips!

Microsoft Word: find us in the Add-Ins store in Microsoft Office or online on Microsoft 365.

What are the benefits of getting the premium version of Wordtune?

Embedded with our state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence, Wordtune will rewrite and uplevel your writing whether you have a free or Premium account.

Without a Premium account, you will not have access to key features such as changing the Tone of your writing from Casual to Formal and expanding/shortening the length of your paper or article. Free accounts have a limited amount of rewrites per day.

Our Premium users have access to as many rewrites as they want, using copious amounts of language features as they are invented! Premium members can also rewrite whole paragraphs at a time!

Is there a Business Plan to give all the people on my team access to Wordtune?

Yes. You can open an account for your team in our self-served platform here or contact our sales team for getting a tailored offer for your team’s needs

How does Wordtune create Rewrite suggestions? Is this plagiarism?

Wordtune will never take content directly from other literature or sites! We built our own AI algorithm and taught it to make suggestions on your writing from its completely original words.

For the techies out there, Wordtune is an ingenious Machine Learning model trained from enormous datasets of written material to learn proficiency and patterns of the English language of the highest grade.

I Speak another language. Can Wordtune support my writing?

Wordtune is a lifesaver for non-native English speakers worldwide! Wordtune can actually translate Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Hebrew, Russian, German, French or Portuguese into English, then rewrite and edit your English!

Are Spices available in the Wordtune Chrome Extension?

At the moment, the Spices feature is only available in Google Docs and the Wordtune Editor.

We’re working hard to bring the Spices experience to other sites and platforms soon!

What sources are you relying on when providing facts?

Our Spices feature can produce suggestions that includes a specific fact, such as a statistic or historical fact. When this happens. Wordtune will attribute this fact to its original source.

Spices’ facts are typically gathered from trustworthy reference sites, including news articles, academic publications, Wikipedia articles, and other recognized online sources.

We always provide a link to the specific page from which the fact was taken, so you can check it yourself.

Are there discounts available for people involved on nonprofits, NGOs, or academia?

Yes! As a student or educator with a valid and active .edu email address or working for a non-profit/NGO, you are eligible for a 30% discount for our annual or monthly plans.
To apply, please click here. It may take up to 2 working days to process each application.

Just know: the discount is available for free users, and for future invoices only.
We cannot offer refunds for past discounts, or stack multiple discounts onto each other.

I accidentally uninstalled Wordtune. Did I just lose my access to Premium?!

No worries whatsoever! You’re still Premium in our book :)

To reinstall in Chrome, simply add it here. If the purple ‘w’ disappeared from your toolbar, click the puzzle piece Extension button in the top right corner of your Chrome window, and click the thumbtack pin to keep it by your side on any site.

With Wordtune pinned to your toolbar, simply click on the handy purple Wordtune logo to log in with your Premium account details. Anddd you’re all set!

Sometimes, Wordtune changes the meaning of my text. Why does this happen?

Wordtune generates suggestions by identifying patterns and principles of the strongest writing in human language using hundreds of thousands of body text.

Every so often, it may provide a suggestion that slightly changes the meaning of the text, or offers phrases and ideas that are common to that which you write.

We cannot see your writing, but AI has learned from all existing writing, tailoring its suggestions to your own topic and word choice. We built Wordtune as an expert in all types of writing, so we give it some creative freedom, meaning that some suggestions may seem out of context or irrelevant to you.

Does Wordtune have an API?

Wordtune is now offering its own application programming interface (API), with the same high-quality writing and reading capabilities that you know and love from Wordtune!

With Wordtune API, you can integrate Wordtune’s exceptional generative AI into your own apps, platforms, and products.

Fore more information about our task-specific APIs, visit the AI21 Studio webpage.

Is my Premium subscription refundable?

We love hearing from users so we can improve the product to better suit your needs. Please send your feedback or suggestions to us via the messenger widget in the bottom right hand corner of the Help Center page.

Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot offer refunds, but you can downgrade to a free plan before the next billing cycle on your account page under "Manage Plan."

How do I get in touch with the Support team?

Our support team is available via the messenger widget in the bottom right hand corner of the Help Center page. Drop us a line! We look forward to being in touch.