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August 11, 2023

The Best Content Creation Tools in 2023 (Including AI)

The Best Content Creation Tools in 2023 (Including AI)

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Content creation is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. But it can also be exhausting if you’re short on time or processes. 

The key is to balance the workload, time, and set-up to enhance your efficiency and impact as an influencer or content creator. 

While handy tools like ring lights and tripods are the unrivaled essentials, a new age of technology brings control over ideation, scheduling, and automation. 

For example, now, you can create 5 instead of 2 content pieces every day just because a new AI tool will churn out instant ideas for you. 

The dilemma of which tools to use for content creation is never ending, considering new tools frequently pop up on the internet. But here are some questions to ask before you sign up for one:

  • Do I need a free or paid content creation tool?
  • Does this tool provide a range of customizable design options?
  • Does it come with a new AI ideation feature?
  • Does it fulfill content creation objectives of posting, scheduling, ideation, editing, and more? 

Let’s skip the headache of sifting through millions of Google search results. We’ve compiled a list of the best content creation tools of 2023 to bring the ease of technology to you! 

Keep reading to discover the best features, reviews, and drawbacks of new tools of 2023 and supercharge your content creation journey!

The building blocks of content creation

 There are over 200 million creators worldwide. These creators harvest their knowledge, skills, creativity, and passion to create content in different formats and share it with the media-hungry audience. 

The most prominent content formats include:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Texts
  • Virtual (Spatial pictures and videos)

The fresh out-of-the-market format of Ai creates magical spatial pictures that create 3D virtual images and moments for the surrounding physical spaces. It’s a new-age technology that allows you to enjoy a 3x realistic experience and also cherish precious moments more indulgently. 

Content creation is a challenging process. Just like any other profession, it involves multiple people, tools, and diligent planning to reach the right audience. In order to achieve proven recognition in your industry, content creation planning starts months before the actual creation process. 

Here are the different steps involved in it:

  • Start with an idea (Whether abstract, jot it down)
  • Research about the target audience, trends, and active hours to get the best engagement
  • Determine the content pillars (For example, how-to guides, polls, motivational quotes, and more)
  • Determine the times you’ll publish content in one week 
  • Define the brand tone 
  • Add raw ideas and add the content
  • Use the content tools in the following list to expedite the process

Content creation is a time taking process, and more so if you’re unaware of the intricacies of the process. Online tools add convenience, free up space for engaging, and allow you to work on more social passion projects. 

Essential tools for content creation

Online apps are just part of the content creation tools diaspora. Study shows that creating a single piece of content takes around one to six hours. The following tools are an aid that keeps a content creator going at any stage of creation, and without them—content creation is incomplete. 

1. Ring Light

Light is essential to any live content piece. A little glow on the face can brighten up the content for your followers (the high engagement rate that follows is a bonus). A good ring light allows you to create content pieces at any time of the day and anywhere. 

You can buy these ring lights online and offline. They come with different settings, and you can change the light colors, place your phone on the tripod, and free up your hands for some interactive hand movements in your videos. 

Note: Some ring lights also come with Bluetooth clickers that allow you to seamlessly create videos and pictures without adding a timer.

2. Laptop/Desktop Computer

You can use laptops and desktops to edit, schedule, comment, engage, build ideation docs, create spreadsheets, handle multiple tabs, and keep up with different content pieces' metrics. 

The main essentials to decide on buying the best laptops or desktops are:

  • Determine the storage requirements 
  • Define if you need a home setup (desktop), or a portable setup (laptop)
  • Define a budget (Don’t go overboard if you can compare and find cheaper options in the market)
  • Select a laptop size 
  • Choose the operating system and company 
  • Compare and contrast both online and offline prices to find the best fit for your budget

A laptop and desktop also allow you to learn new skills quickly and add to your portfolio, which will help create a unique personal brand.

3. Portable charger 

Not to be dramatic,but electronics are your lifeline as a content creator. To keep creating content on the go, you need a portable charger that keeps your devices up and running on treks, trails, or even the most remote places. 

These chargers help keep you out of chaos and add more functionality to all content-creating workspaces. Also, nobody loves the tangled annoying bunches of wire lying everywhere in a workspace. A portable charger removes that ruckus from life and adds more convenience with just a click of a button. 

Now that we know the content creation essentials let’s move on to the best content creation tools of 2023.

The top content creation tools of 2023

2023 is the year of technological breakthroughs. 

Content creation is one of the industries that has pivoted in terms of technological features and bundles. Let’s explore them and see what they have to offer and why people find them more functional than others. 

1. Wordtune

Wordtune is an online writing AI assistant that makes your content fun, engaging, and concise! It offers multiple features to transform bland content and also gives shape to your ideas in case you’re stuck in writer’s block!

For example, 

If I add a prompt, “Add 3 facts about the new Apple Vision Pro, but make it engaging”, the results will look something like this. 

It lines up the 3 different features of how its ultra-wide lens and LiDAR scanner provide superior depth and detail to the images. 

Not only this, some other features of Wordtune include:

  • Rewriting: if you feel your content lacks the oomph factor! Copy and paste it into the Wordtune editor. The editor will rewrite the content, remove errors, reduce word count, and make the content more catchy. 
  • Add a specific tone: Personalize content to add a “Casual” or “Formal” tone to the content. For example, if you’re writing a letter to your close friend, choose the “Casual” tone. If you’re writing an office memo, choose the “Formal” tone and impress your superiors with a professional disposition. 
  • Shorten or expand the content: If you feel your content will make your audience “Snore”, shorten it, or you want to make your content more substantial, use the “Expand” feature.

Best feature: 

Spices feature: This new “Spices” feature helps enrich your expressions and add more context. In this feature, you can find various sub-features like “Add a joke”, “Explain a thought”, “Give an analogy”, and more. This feature saves time, gives ideas within seconds, and also adds a touch of uniqueness to the content.

With Wordtune, you have the liberty to create buckets of content within minutes and also get more insights into how your content can get better.

Note: The more nuanced your prompts are, your AI assistant editor will churn out better results. So if you need a title that omits a “Happy” tone, add it to the prompt.

2. Alsoasked

Alsoasked is your answer to every query and question regarding trends, content, and more. It helps map relationships visually with generated graphs and export data in bulk CSVs. It allows you to get results from up to 1,000 terms at once. 

You can customize your idea search according to region, language, and even deep search. 

I entered “3 Instagram reel ideas”, and the tool produced different subsections with the keyword “3 Reels” and also gave the trending ideas you can create the reel around. 

Not only this, if you click on the “+” beside the ideas, it will do a deep search on that specific term and create more ideas based around the same search term. It’s the best tool if you’re looking to add to a content idea bucket, but your mind is running dry of ideas.  

Best Feature:

It gets search results in real-time, so you won’t have to keep updating the content with new headlines or videos with different titles as the audience opinion and ranking algorithms change monthly or hourly. 

Some alternatives to Alsoasked include AnswerThePublic, SemRush, or Portent.

3. Loom

In this age of online media, interaction via video has become a pivotal mode of communication for many for work, content creation, and more. Loom is a revolutionary tool that enables high interactivity. 

Loom allows you to create video messages that help create shareable videos simultaneously. It allows you to record with the Loom Chrome extension, Loom desktop app, Loom iOS app, and Loom Android app. 

Its different plans are:

This tool is easy, convenient, and free to use, and brands can use it to create guides, or you can create review content with it. 

A Content idea for creators: As a creator, review videos have become a daily engagement driver. Loom will allow you to test and review different products online and give your audience a real-time view of your opinions.

Best feature:

Loom videos are easily shareable via links everywhere. This allows you to share the same link on different platforms without hassle.

4. Audacity

Looking to fix your patchy voice in a video file or remove the overshadowing background whooshing sounds?

Audacity is your ideal pick! It is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that allows you to directly upload sound files directly from content creation software and edit it through different features. 

Once you’re done, you can export your podcast in various audio formats, including WAV, AIFF, and MP3.

Best feature: It’s a free tool that allows you to edit sounds without the hullaballoo of learning advanced tools like Premiere Pro or more.

Audacity ® | Free, open source, cross-platform audio software for  multi-track recording and editing.

5. Agorapulse

Agorapulse allows you to stay organized, schedule before time, report, monitor, and track the engagement of different posts at a glance. It’s also a collaboration tool, so if you have a team, they won’t have to text over different groups for hiccups along the way.

Some of its features include content publishing, scheduling posts, and reporting social media usage. It allows you to post even when you’re away from your laptop or smartphone. 

Moreover, the headache of dealing with posting in the middle of the night or early morning due to the TA (Target Audience) residing in different time zones is also gone when you have your content ready in advance. 

It also shows you audience growth, post reach, customer sentiment, and more metrics. If you track these metrics to improve your content, you’ll be able to achieve more engagement and growth over time. 

Best feature: Great for Instagram and Facebook comment management, bringing you more active followers and better engagement rates.

6. Freepik

Freepik is an all-encompassing tool that allows you to download both free and paid vectors, images, PSD, videos, 3D, fonts, and mockups at one place. 

When I type “Curiosity” on Freepik, the top results show these vectors, which are befitting for the description. It allows you to filter the search results by asset type, license, AI-generated, color, people, file type, orientation, and style. 

If you need free images, use the stock filter and the premium filter if you’re looking to make your content unique and stand out from the rest and also remove plagiarism. This tool helps save time on designing and finds better ways to aid textual content. 

Best feature: The new AI feature by Freepik allows you to view AI-generated images, which are quirky and help bring out your vision more clearly. However, if you don’t want these images, select the “Exclude AI-generated” filter.

7. Animoto

Animoto is a drag-and-drop video maker. It has multiple templates available at your disposal and also allows you to create videos through your own photos or videos. This removes the need to hire a professional videographer if you need to create minimalistic or hassle-free videos daily for your content channels. 

It provides free and paid plans, including additional features like sound management and more. 

You can use this tool for:

  • Personal 
  • Marketing
  • Education
  • Celebrations
  • Workplace

If you post videos daily, this will speed up the creation of short shorts, memories, or greetings, which need not be too personalized or shot new each time.

8. ClickUp 

ClickUp is a marketing management tool and also an AI writing assistant. This is an all-in-one management software with customizable features that allow teams to be more flexible and work smarter with their duties of writing, posting, or creating ideas for content. 

ClickUp offers features for task management, visual collaboration using virtual Whiteboards, real-time reporting via Dashboards, thousands of custom templates, and more. So whether you need brand guideline templates, dashboards for your marketing campaign management, or docs for website project management.

Best feature: It enables you to create individual tracking pages for each team member and be aware of their progress at all times.

9. Demio

Demio is a webinar software. Here, your audience can video your videos without the no-download feature. Its different features include:

  • Live presentation with real-time HD streaming
  • Your audience can attend with one click in the browser.
  • Create customizable registration pages
  • Add custom form fields to collect info from registrants
  • Embed the form anywhere
  • Send automated email notifications
  • View, manage, and export contacts

Its pricing starts at $34 a month, and you can use a 14-day trial to test your compatibility with the tool first. 

Best feature: Demio’s different features include attendee engagement, engagement analytics, intent identification, and ROI, which allows you to create webinars with user intent in mind.

10. Canva

Content creation is complete with the mention of Canva. Canva allows you to seamlessly create graphics of different dimensions for different channels and for customized events too! People use it to create graphics for presentations, social media posts, infographics, resumes, newsletters, logos, YouTube intros, etc. 

Canva was created keeping in mind the needs of a rookie who needs to create graphics but doesn’t want the hassle of learning new tools or spending thousands to create a “Happy Christmas” card. 

Best feature: While Canva is laced with amazing features, the best one is its team collaboration and brand color function, where you invite team members to work on a project and define the brand's color scheme.


This is a personal favorite, and I often use it in my content to make it more lively. Nothing beats the quirkiness and easy consumable content of a GIPHY.  GIPHY’s database is vast, and with a simple search like “Excitement”, you’ll find funny results like:

GIFs are short form videos that you can use to break the monotony in a piece of content and also add some color and personality. Its vast database of GIFs has different videos from any of my favorite movies, books, or cartoons. I can even create my own GIFs to add in the content too. 

Best feature: The best feature is that it’s a free tool without any restrictions on the number of GIFs that you have to order. 

Keep sharing, keep making people happy with the most nonsense or funny videos!

12. CoSchedule Headline Studio

This is one of the most handy tools in the current ranking obsession of the internet. CoSchedule’s Headline Studio assesses your headline and assigns a score based on variables like SEO, emotional words, uncommon words, word count, clarity, and more.

The human eyes often fail to perceive what’s lacking in the content as they face problems like exhaustion, ignorance, or lack of knowledge. But this tool removes that error with its algorithm to rank and score different headlines for varying target audiences. 

You can use this tool to optimize and create the best-performing headlines and drive more organic traffic. It starts at $9 a month and is a powerful tool that helps save time on creating catchy headlines that are able to rank. 

Best feature: It provides 5x more feedback based on the analysis of 4 million headlines. 

Content Creation with ease is a thing of a future

The future is bright for all content creators as online media focus intensifies and more people join most internet surfers. You’ll have the chance to thrive in a booming creation space, make the most out of your creativity, and boast your skills to millions of people. 

With the tools mentioned in this list, you can accelerate your journey towards success and rest your mind from the constant idea generation and creation pandemonium!

In the end—don’t forget to have fun and be authentic on online channels. People look forward to personal stories, and you can give them to them with full disclosure to gain their trust and build credibility for your brand. These tools will be your true companions to achieve this goal without obstructions in the way!