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December 14, 2023

6 Examples of Powerful Copywriting (That Gets Results!)

6 Examples of Powerful Copywriting (That Gets Results!)

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Have you ever scrolled past an ad without a second thought? 

Sure, we all have. 

But have you ever really stopped and thought, "Wow, that resonates with me!"?

That’s the art of copywriting.

Now, remember that ad again. Was it about the words that captured your attention? The visuals, colours, relevance, emotion or clever wit?

Thoughtful copywriting combines creativity with quirk to establish an emotional connection, which leads to better marketing. It makes you stop, notice, read, and take action. As a copywriter, it’s crucial to understand the business demands, offer a unique script, and put in the right emotions.

Are you ready to master the craft of great copywriting? Let’s explore some eyebrow-raising examples.

The Power of Effective Copywriting

When it comes to conveying a message, every word counts!

From catchy taglines to product descriptions, emotive copywriting can be the real game-changers in getting high open rates, product views, and sales. 

Effective selling via words becomes an invaluable skill, with an entire generation buying everything from coffee to cars on mobile devices. Think about it. No sales reps, no customer acquisition specialists, no one. Just words on a screen, doing their best to sell.

But how do you approach copywriting? 

4 Key Questions to Address Keep Your Readers Nodding!

Who is my audience?

Identifying who you're speaking to is the key to a meaningful read. It's like knowing whether you're chatting with a close friend, a colleague, a superior or a stranger; you need to know whom you’re talking to. 

Is my writing addressing their needs/pain?

The soul of copywriting lies in addressing what keeps your audience awake at night. And how you can guide them through that emotion. 

Does it feel personalized and relatable? 

Your content should be like that deep conversation with a friend, where every word feels tailor-made.

Will it form an emotional connection?

Your words must echo and resonate with the reader’s thoughts.

From Novice to Pro: Explore these Powerful Copywriting Examples

Copywriting Example #1: Persuasive Product Descriptions

Don’t we all look for detailed product descriptions before investing in it? 

Well-written description is the ultimate selling point for the product, whereas information-lacking data sells nothing but disappointment.

A product description is successful only if it helps the buyers understand what they’re looking for. One such description is featured on Method’s website, and to our surprise, it’s a dish soap that makes it irresistible not to hit the ‘Buy’ button.

What Helps it Sell?

We’re all aware of how tiring and boring the idea of dishwashing, handwashing, and related products sounds. And Method goes precisely against it with its creative language that virtually transports you into another zone. 

The dynamic language with metaphors like ‘imagine a quaint village,’ ‘on-trend colors,’ etc., help explain the product while adding interest.

Steal-worthy Writing Tips

Humor for the win!

A quirky description can forge an emotional link with buyers. Describe the product with humor for a memorable buying experience.

For instance, 'It's 4 pm. Know where your hands have been? Consider what you're washing with. Unless it's our naturally-derived, triclosan-free, heavenly-scented hand wash.' This description poses questions while showcasing its features.

Spark an Experience

Avoid cluttering product descriptions with excess info. Offer an experience that appeals to the senses. Method's description transports readers to the hills, invoking senses with scent mentions. Your copy should evoke a mood and help the reader experience what they’re investing in.

State the Benefits

Readers prioritize product benefits over mere features. Ensure to mark the benefits of your product to make the sale effortlessly. Method mentions their handwash’s key ingredient in this case while stating that it makes your hands feel like they passed a spa session. Thus, it gives the relevant information and cleverly presents the perks.

Collaborate with Wordtune

Need refinement? Collaborate with Wordtune. Just as Method's description elevates its product by highlighting spa-like perks, Wordtune can finesse your draft, making sure that the language and tone resonate with your audience.

Copywriting Example #2: Engaging Social Media Posts

A lengthy social media post entices none! Instead, the mantra for engaging posts is keeping them crisp and instantly catching the viewer’s attention. 

Under Armour is one such brand that believes in the art of ‘Less is More’ with their social media copywriting. The crisp posts never fail to grab the reader’s attention with their enticing captions.

Under Armour

What Helps it Sell?

With a wide variety of products, their advertisements boost motivation. The simplest example is their Facebook post– ‘Make your fastest, faster.’ With every sportsperson always chasing the best of the best, this makes it challenging not to visit Under Armour’s website.

Steal-worthy Writing Tips

Talk to Your Audience

Under Armour

One of the critical elements in Under Armour’s social media copywriting is that they’re not presenting the product straightaway. Instead, they talk to the athletes and motivate them to keep going. 

In this case, ‘Your training doesn’t follow the forecast’ is a short caption connecting to the audience and directing them to kickstart their training routines. 

Stir Curiosity 

Instead of spilling all the beans about their product at once, they take you through a journey. ‘Make your fastest, faster.’ Four words are all it took to spark curiosity and get better engagement from the audience. Curiosity is one of the crucial tools helping the audience stick.

Guide them to the Next Step (CTA)

The final step is to take your audience to the product and guide them through words. Once you’ve captured their interest, tell them the next step–’ Ditch the rubber for a lighter, grippier, more explosive running shoe.’

Copywriting Example #3: Email Marketing Campaigns

We all hate the task of going through a long email. Unless it’s something aligning with your interest or if it comes with an awesome subject line.

Emails that eagerly make recipients hit ‘Open’ are filled with information in a friendly tone. Laura Belgray from Talking Shrimp is an expert in crafting marketing emails that demand to be opened, read, and enjoyed.

Talking Shrimp

What Helps it Sell?

One of the key points making these emails effective is the tone. This draft ditches the formal tone and talks to you as a friend. It’s honest, funny, and effortlessly cool. 

Right from the teasing subject line– ‘ Three Humiliating mistakes,’ to witty phrases in the main body like ‘That makes me feel like you like me for me,’ keeps it extremely casual, personalized, and enjoyable.

Steal-worthy Writing Tips

A Catchy Subject Line

We all know the phrase, 'You had me at hello.' For emails, it's 'You had me in the subject line.' If it's catchy, it gets opened; if not, it's trash-bound. Craft irresistible subject lines. Like Laura's compelling 'Three Humiliating Mistakes,' leads readers effortlessly to the main content.

Write as a Friend

Want your email to hit the mark? Chat with readers as if you're friends. Make them feel it's crafted just for them. Laura’s email, for instance, creates that intimate bond.

Every Word Counts

Long emails often head straight to the trash. No one favours extended sales-y emails. So, be concise. Choose punchy words, pick active words, cut down the fluff, and remember: that each word counts.

Call to Action

While keeping it light and engaging, never forget the call to action. Add it to the email and slip in a PS — that's often the first thing readers spot.

Copywriting Example #4: Landing Page Conversions

Before we get into effective landing page copywriting, let’s understand its primary purpose– to nail that sale.

A personalized tone will make potential clients feel welcomed and is more likely to make them hit the buy button. And that’s the secret ingredient in MasterClass’ landing page. It is the ultimate master flaunting all about their niche and grabbing an audience. 


What Helps it Sell?

Imagine landing on a page that speaks all about experts and allows you to learn from them. Exhibiting video clips, photos, text, and an overall enticing design, you just can’t go back without registering for that class, right?

And that is precisely what MasterClass does on their landing page. With a minimal design cutting down distractions, it keeps you focused and educated on everything a visitor needs to know to sign up, like a trailer, lessons class length, FAQs, and much more. 

Steal-worthy Writing Tips

Options in the CTA

Only some visitors buy for themselves, while the rest might consider the idea of gifting. The landing page of MasterClass offers three types of subscriptions with an option of gifting to others as well. Thus, you’re never losing on to the audience.

Win with a Story

‘You’re learning to take your cooking to the next level.’ This landing page creates a build-up before making the audience consume the product. It connects to them on an emotional level, narrates how their life is going to change, and wins their minds. 

Copywriting Example #5: Compelling Blog Post Titles

Imagine searching for an ideal blog online. With countless options, what helps you narrow it down? Right, it's the post title—the ultimate first impression.

Among the endless mess of search results, your blog title needs to stand out and set the stage.

Here’s a pro tip: most click-worthy headings begin with a question– How, What, Why, Who, and Where.

For instance, this blog title by the New York Times adds a sense of quirk and intrigue while throwing in some vital information about a currently trending subject–AI.

New York Times

What Helps it Sell?

Asking a question in the blog title will lure much attention as readers dive deep into that blog to seek answers. For example, with a blog titled ‘Is A.I the greatest technology ever for making dumb jokes,’ the reader will click to find the humor about it and also see some trending memes. 

Steal-worthy Writing Tips

Keep it Intriguing

An intriguing blog title is enough to get an audience. Title it from a perspective that it gets socially shared as well. Keep it unique and fill it with apt adverbs for better reach. 

Brief the Groundwork

Use the blog title as a roadmap for what the readers can expect further. It defines the direction of the blog while also sparking curiosity.

Don’t Forget about SEO!

While a blog title is critical to grab attention, it’s also crucial from an SEO perspective. Make sure to optimize the title for better rankings.

Copywriting Example #6: Persuasive Call-to-Action Buttons

You can’t expect your audience to act on the call-to-action button if the copywriting doesn’t exhibit enthusiasm, right?

Intending to entice readers to buy or subscribe, a persuasive call to action is the key to success. Apart from offering clarity on what needs to be done, it’s also an effective marketing tool. And BarkBox ditches the formal tone to grab attention and build connections through their call-to-action snippet that comes with a friendly twist.


What Helps it Sell?

Who knew that pet treats could entice humans, too? BarkBox is a platform for all dog lovers for treats and toys for their furry best friends. What makes their marketing appealing is the audience that speaks to the audience’s heart.

With the trend of owners treating their pets as their best friends, BarkBox brings a unique twist to their words. ‘No muss, no fuss, no disappointed pups,’ speaks to the audience in a friendly manner and establishes trust.

Steal-worthy Writing Tips

Tap into the Trend

Stay connected to what’s trending and tweak your language as per that. It helps you better understand what the audience is expecting and preferring. For example, BarkBox resonates with the trend of dogs being a part of the family.

Emphasize Concerns

In the call to action snippet, don’t miss out on highlighting the perks of adopting your services. For example, BarkBox promises no disappointed pups, which is the key concern of many pet owners.

Infuse a Little Fun

Injecting a little humor never hurts, right? Curate a catchy slogan that’s fun to read and easy to memorize. For example, ‘Our pack has your back’ doesn’t only rhyme but is easy to recall and fun to speak out loud. Another advantage, in this case, is that it effortlessly gains the audience’s trust. 

Wordtune: Your Copywriting Companion

Why undergo the hefty process of reading and rewriting when you can have Wordtune as your trustworthy copywriting companion?

Wordtune is an AI-powered writing tool that promises the best copy with fewer rounds of iterations. It helps you add a personalized touch to the content while keeping it grammatically correct. Whether writing from scratch or working on edits, this tool is meant for all.

From social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to MS Office and Google Docs, Wordtune is compatible with diverse platforms to ensure your copywriting stays finely tuned. It’s your personal writing assistant present at the service.

Are you wondering about the right stage to work on Wordtune? From the initial draft to minutes before publishing, you can stand out by running your content through this smart platform. Thus, there’s no such thing as a wrong writing stage to work on this platform.

It can easily spot all the grammar mistakes, refine the content per your tone, summarise the work, and even break complex sentences. It offers unparalleled writing proficiency, and Natural language processing (NLP) adds a human touch to the content.

Ready to enhance your productivity and write the most effective copies?

Let the Compelling Copywriting Begin

Pick your words thoughtfully, whether it’s a marketing social media post or a persuasive product description. With the entire world operating on digital platforms, selling through words can be the ultimate win.

Are you ready to make your words shine? Try Wordtune and make every word count!