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March 17, 2024

Grammarly vs. Wordtune: Which is the Best AI Writing Tool?

Grammarly vs. Wordtune: Which is the Best AI Writing Tool?

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It's not easy to compare two robust tools like Wordtune and Grammarly. Moreover, since this article is commissioned by Wordtune, it's natural to think of a certain bias.

However, as you will soon see, I put a lot of effort into genuinely exploring both tools and offering a fare comparison to help you choose.

I’ve experimented with dozens of writing tools in my work; Grammarly and Wordtune are the most promising for many reasons. 

We’ll discuss the features and limitations for both. 


Writing tools help us write only if they are able to compliment our abilities.

So, I’ve used my experience with both these tools to create a guide for you to define:

  • The critical difference between the two tools
  • How to use their best features for your work
  • Common misconceptions about them

Grammarly and Wordtune overview

Grammarly and Wordtune are both AI writing assistants. Both help writers enhance their writing quality, remove grammatical errors, and accelerate content creation. 

Grammarly is great for removing errors, dealing with passive voice, and removal of repetitive words.

Wordtune improves fluency, rephrases sentences, removes fluff, allows content creation using GenAI, and helps write short summaries. 

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly was created by Max Lytvyn, Alex Shevchenko, and Dmytro Lider in 2009. It has many features, but the most commonly used is grammar and spell check. 

To use this tool, select the “+” icon when you log into the tool, and a new window with the following specifications will pop up:

On the left-hand side, you’ll see a blank space where you can copy-paste content that you need to check. As you do this, Grammarly will analyze the content and notify you of grammatical, spelling, or sentence unclarity errors. 

Note: Grammarly also makes style or tone suggestions like:

Other suggestions include “removing sentence fragments” or “Removing redundant or words not in the dictionary” of the tool. You can also see your English and Grammar accuracy score correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery. 

Here’s a rundown of all the features:

  • Spelling checker: Checks spelling and allows you to add words that aren’t a part of it’s dictionary. 
  • Grammar check: Finds common grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes. 
  • Plagiarism Checker: Checks if your writing matches the content on other online web pages and allows you to boost your ranking
  • Readability score: Checks the number of words in a sentence, paragraph, and vocabulary choices based on your audience and tone. 
  • Writing assistant: It includes an AI-powered assistant that offers new content suggestions through prompts.

What is Wordtune?

Wordtune allows writers to rewrite clunky sentences, incorporate a formal/casual tone, or add spice. 

It has different functions, including:

  • Shorten
  • Expand
  • Formal tone
  • Personal tone 
  • Rewriting

Wordtune is more than just your typical grammar and plagiarism checker. It’s an assistant that can create full-blown blogs, letters, emails, captions, and even memorandums for official purposes.

My prompt: “Write 3 paragraphs on the Wordtune “Spices” Feature

Wordtune took 20 seconds to generate these three paragraphs that explain:

  • It’s impact on writing and how it enhances your ideas.
  • It uses natural language processing and machine learning. 
  • Wordtune makes content more efficient.

If you want to reach a specific word count, use the expand feature, or if you’re going overboard, use the shorten feature.

Grammarly and Wordtune - A Comparison

The moment of truth!

I’ve tested these features to bring you examples of how you can adopt them for personal and business projects. 

1. Interface


Grammarly has an intuitive real-time interface that allows you to copy-paste with a simple command and get suggestions.

Google Docs version: Grammarly’s suggestions pop up as red, blue, green, and purple highlights and expand as you hover over them. To inspect the suggestion in more detail, you have to click ‘See more in Grammarly’ at the bottom of the suggestion box. It opens up a sidebar with chronologically listed suggestions. 

Note: If you think any suggestion is invalid, you can help Grammarly improve by rejecting it or flagging it as offensive content or an incorrect suggestion. 


Wordtune has a highly sophisticated interface. It allows you to edit content in multiple ways, including copy+paste to rewrite and use prompts to create content. For example:

I posted this content in Wordtune to rewrite it, and it generated multiple suggestions that made my content less clunky and more actionable for the readers.

Prompt: Write the same content in a more creative tone

Wordtune has a more nuanced interface. It allows you to edit content in multiple ways, including copy+paste to rewrite and use prompts to create content around a specific idea or line. 

Through this simple prompt, Wordtune restructures the content, makes it more concise, and eliminates filler.

Google docs version: To use Wordtune, you just need to highlight the text you’d want to rewrite. On doing that, Wordtune’s ‘W’ will show up. Just click on it for rewriting suggestions. You can switch between sentence and paragraph reframing with a drop-down menu. 

Wordtune has its Spices feature built directly into the plugin. You don’t have to copy-paste across tabs to add statistics, data, or jokes. Click on the Wordtune star at the top right corner of your document, and Spices features will appear on the left. 

2. Content Creation


You can term Grammarly an aid to content creation rather than an assistant that creates content pieces from scratch. It allows you to polish content that’s already written and check it for plagiarism.

It helps elevate the level of your work by providing insights on making the content better with minor changes and replacements. 

Its primary role in content creation is to serve as a proofreader and remove miscellaneous errors that human eyes fail to notice at first glance. Hence, it saves time, educates non-native speakers, and also renders more meaning to a content piece. 


Wordtune is an all-encompassing writing companion. It accompanies content creation from the start, and you can use it for multiple use cases throughout. 

For example, here’s how you can use it to create a social media post step by step:

We start with ideation. 

Prompt: Suggest 3 ideas for a fashion post about Y2K on Instagram 

The results from Wordtune impressed me because:

  • The ideas are not just headlines but also explain how to create them with a caption, hashtag, etc. 
  • Its brevity is impressive as it doesn’t produce gibberish that confuses the user with more incomprehensible content. 
  • The ideas not merely focus on completing the job but are trendy, reducing the need for bulk research. 

The 2nd step is the creation.

I chose the second idea suggested by the tool and added the following prompt to proceed with the next step.

Prompt: What are the top iconic Y2K trends? (For creating a collage on Instagram)

This suggestion caught my eye because it doesn’t start like a blog but explains what Y2K trends comprise. Now, I have a framework for creating a collage for Y2K trends on my account and the research pattern I can use to find the right images. ‘

The last step is to generate a caption and hashtags, and then we’re done!

Prompt: Create 5 caption ideas with hashtags for Y2K trends collage to post on Instagram. Make it creative and sassy.

These captions are ideal because they won’t take much space in my timeline and will align with the short attention span of users. 

Now that all my post elements are done and dusted, I can schedule it on my social media scheduling tools. 

3. Accessibility


You can access Grammarly through its Chrome extension and integrate it into your writing tools like Google Docs or Excel Sheets. 

Note: The extension sometimes faces a glitch, which you can resolve by reloading several times or uninstalling and then reinstalling the extension. Another way to utilize Grammarly is through the website app.  

You can paste your content into a new Grammarly document, where it’ll check your content for errors.


Wordtune offers both a web-based editor and a browser extension. The editor works best to assist you with content ideation and creation. You can use the extension to analyze text you enter into documents and web forms. It then generates results based on your requirements in the same window. 

4. Long-form writing


Long-form content takes a lot of work to produce in one sitting. It needs ideation, focused writing, and hours of self-edits. 

Grammarly quickens the self-editing process. 

However, it doesn’t have a feature for writing long-form content independently. To use Grammarly for any form of content, you need to write it on your own or with the help of another tool. 


Wordtune gives you the option to write unique long-form content with simple prompts ( I always try to enter the word count). For example: 

This feature lets you write concise and error-free content within seconds. 

I had to create more than two interactions to find good content to add to my piece. This is still a better alternative than writing thousands of words by myself.

5. Learning curve

You don’t need a tutorial to get started with either tool. 

For Grammarly, you must know how to accept or reject suggestions and navigate the sidebar. 

For Wordtune, you just need to know the difference between the rewrite and the spices button. The sub-menus for each have short explanation notes built in. 

Wordtune and Grammarly can go hand-in-hand

While each tools has its distinct advantages, the good news is that you don’t need to pick one or the other tool to create good content. You can have both — especially if you’re creating written content regularly. 

Use Wordtune for ideation, brainstorming, enhancing clarity, and text generation, and use Grammarly to further polish your prose.

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