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December 11, 2023

12 Examples of Powerful Influencer Marketing Campaigns (and How to Create Them Yourself)

12 Examples of Powerful Influencer Marketing Campaigns (and How to Create Them Yourself)

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Picture yourself scrolling through your social media feed, and suddenly, your favorite celebrity pops up endorsing a brand. 

Does that entice you to explore more?

That’s how powerful influencer marketing campaigns are. 

Key Takeaways

  • Influencer marketing campaigns are powerful because they entice you to explore more. 
  • Influencer marketing helps us understand the entire product within a single post.
  • We want quick answers without spending hours researching, and influencers are making our lives easier by sharing the final reviews.
  • When planning your influencer marketing strategies, make sure you send your products to someone who's an expert at video content and would love your product.

Although it seems easy, there is a lot of nitty-gritty behind the scenes that goes into influencer marketing. From deciding the format to the campaign platform, it’s all about keeping it strategic to align with the trends and pull off an attention-seeking show. 

Why Influencer Marketing Works

Upon comparison with the marketing scenario 2019, the global influencer market size has doubled by 2023 with an estimated record of 21.1 billion USD. And with a continual boom in social media platforms, the future looks promising. 

But why does social media presence and influence marketing work? Let’s find out.

Reason #1: Budding Connections

Did you ever have a colossal crush on a celebrity? 

Don’t worry! We’ve all had secret, one-sided friendships (parasocial relationships)  with celebrities. And their presence on social media platforms has helped us feel connected more than ever.

These relationships impact a person’s behavior and direct them towards checking out the products their favorite celebrities endorse. 

Reason #2: We’re Always Seeking Convenience

Let’s go back in time and think about all those 20th-century advertisements. The thought itself seems exhausting, right? With pages full of description, guidance, and perks leaving no breathing space?

Now, let’s come back to the present. Do you think it’d work in the current scenario? With bustling lives, we’re always looking for the easiest way out when it comes to shopping. And influencer marketing helps us understand the entire product within a single post. 

Reason #3: We Want Quick Reviews

Let’s face it– we’re all lazy sometimes. Rather than going through endless reviews and lengthy descriptions, we want quick answers without spending hours researching. About 74% of consumers consider social media networks before making purchase decisions.

And that’s how influencers are making our lives easier. They try, analyze, and share the final reviews.

Influencer Marketing Secrets

Let’s dig deep into an influencer marketing secret– The Story of the ‘Real’ ROI.

Most marketers believe their part is over once the influencer posts their product. But is it really over at this stage? No!

Initially, the post wins you good traffic and sales, but the profits keep coming afterward. And here’s the secret: once the post goes live, ensure to secure the usage rights to the content. It then leads to an influx of unique influencer-generated content.

As you plan to opt for influencer marketing strategies, make sure to assess who you’re sending your products to. Plan to share it with someone who’s an expert at video content and, at the same time, would love your product. With this strategy, you would have already won the camera skills and authentic support.

Further, load the influencer-generated content to your ad account and test it. This makes shortlisting content to receive the most audience more effortless and influential. About 72% of millennials and Gen Z follow influencers on social media platforms. Thus, your product must reach the right hands for the best ROI. 

Examples of powerful influencer marketing campaigns 

1. Daniel wellington X Influencers 

The brand started with a meager $20,000 and has generated about $224 million over three years. What is it that earned them fame and profits?

Even before influencer was a common term, the brand invested in influencer marketing strategies. As they entered the Instagram world, they reached out to celebrities, artists, painters, and other influential people to gift them their products.

What this campaign did well

The campaign became popular, and with diverse influencers involved, their audience broadened, too. They also worked on UGC campaigns where influencers started using #DWPickOfTheDay to get posted on the brand’s website. User-generated content was one of the best approaches to exhibit their authenticity. 

What this campaign did differently

Rather than keeping it all about them, they let creators collaborate. For example, the post by Kelly Pettit features a cocktail while flaunting Daniel wellington’s product through clever placement. It offers a fresh approach to influencer marketing. 

Success Metrics 

With this unique approach, #DWPickOfTheDay has more than 61,000 posts on Instagram, and #Danielwellington posts exceed the count of 2 million. The marketing strategy resulted in a growth of 4700% in no time. 

2. Calvin Klein X Jungkook

Calvin Klein collaborated with one person — Jungkook. CK uploaded Jungkook’s photoshoot, which flooded the internet, and the ads were spotted in about 150 cities across the world.

What this campaign did well

This influencer marketing campaign stood out from the rest as it approached a single collaborator. It generated an impression of personal branding that impacted consumers' purchasing decisions. With this clever marketing strategy, Jungkook was regarded as the ‘Sold Out King,’ and CK exhausted its quantity limit. 

What this campaign did differently

Aren’t we all better convinced by personal branding than business advertisements? CK used that to prove their authenticity, build trust, and develop a personal connection with the audience. 

Success Metrics 

The brand was on the verge of going bankrupt, and this branding led to so much traffic that their official website crashed. Their stocks reached $87.93 after this campaign, with a boom of 20%. One strategic decision is all it took to turn the tables and welcome a gross profit of $1250.3 million. 

3. Häagen-Dazs X Influencers

Haagen Dazs is the only name ruling most of our minds on scorching summer days. How did the brand prove itself to be a summer essential?

Kendall Kremer

t’s the collaboration with local influencers and Haagen-Dasz BOGO promotions that boosted their sales. The theme followed #HDOpenContainer for social media posts and was planned in the political events of New York.

What this campaign did well

This marketing strategy borrowed the theme of the city’s celebration of open container laws. Along with offering a sweet break from the typical hustle, the brand made summer activities more fun, soothing, and sweeter.

What this campaign did differently

This campaign focused not only on the influencers but localities as well. They reached rooftop parties and other political events for their sampling. Influencers uploaded the visuals featuring the city’s vibe and the campaign. The campaign flooded Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to reach more audiences. 

Success Metrics 

The Open Container campaign helped generate about 14.3 million impressions, and the engagement rate was boosted by 400% with 27,400 social engagements. 

4. Airbnb's #WeAccept

Airbnb acknowledged the discrimination on its platform in November 2016, leading to an initiative- Community Commitment for its elimination. With the US federal government’s travel ban on Muslim-majority nations, the brand took this chance to transform its thoughts into action.

And this is how the #WeAccept campaign took birth. A 30-second video was featured on social media during the Super Bowl with solid imagery that reached a global audience. 

What this campaign did well

The brand took a stance on the prevailing social issue that was already receiving sentimental feedback from the audience on social media. And Airbnb stood as a support for the refugees and immigrants.

What this campaign did differently

With a creative approach, they displayed intimate portraits from different communities and conveyed the message of the power of diversity. The team strategically placed this ad between the 1st and 2nd quarters of the Super Bowl, and was eventually featured on several social media platforms.

Success Metrics 

A one-of-its-kind campaign approach proved successful, with a 33% boost in Airbnb bookings. More than 500,000 posts featured on social media with #WeAccept. 

5. Adidas Originals "Original Is Never Finished"

When we hear about Adidas, don’t we all picture a sporty image in our minds?  Adidas Originals' marketing campaign– Original is Never Finished, did the opposite by welcoming influential figures from several innovative industries like Stormzy, Snoop Dogg, Brandon Ingram, and many more.

The short film showcases a visual journey revealing the notion of ‘Revolution through Evolution’ where each figure takes up the previous narrative from where they left off. It illustrates the idea of never being finished.

What this campaign did well

This marketing campaign focuses on creativity blended with individuality. The quick cuts, styles, and concept of transforming originality give it an edge image.

What this campaign did differently

Instead of keeping it conventional with sports celebrities, Adidas Originals shifted to feature artists and musicians for creative expression. 

Success Metrics 

The influential marketing campaign resulted in success with a 22% boost in the sales of Adidas Originals and more than 20 million views on the YouTube campaign video. It also marked over 1.5 million social media mentions for this campaign. 

6. GoPro's User-Generated Content

GoPro is a handy tool that lets you capture every moment. And that’s exactly what their marketing campaign was about– encouraging users to share their thrilling adventures.

The user-generated content strategy welcomed like-minded people to share unique content on a platform. This approach leads to a better trust foundation with potential clients and keeps the marketing fun. 

What this campaign did well

One of this marketing strategy's best approaches was letting the audience exhibit their talent. It transformed them into brand advocates and influencers. 

What this campaign did differently

For GoPro’s user-generated content marketing, there’s no bluff. It’s authentic and visual of a user’s journey with the product. 

Success Metrics 

This marketing campaign welcomed more than 1 million user-submitted videos and experienced a 30% growth in its online community—the result– a 15% hike in GoPro camera sales. 

7. Dunkin’ Donuts– National Donut Day

Celebrating National Donut Day, Dunkin’ Donuts launched a unique marketing campaign with agency Trilla for their offer. The teams further collaborated with studio-Collab for a Snapchat marketing campaign.

The content focused on the distribution of teasers to run a campaign across three cities in the USA and three different time zones.

Dunkin Donuts X Trilla

What this campaign did well

Dunkin’ Donuts handpicked eight popular influencers for the role and adopted a unique approach with Snapchat marketing. They ensured that it reached different cities and time zones.

What this campaign did differently

Rather than featuring the brand on an influencer’s profile, they let influencers take over Dunkin’ Donuts’s official Snapchat account to run the campaign. Influencers compelled the audience to visit stores and avail of special offers through this platform.

Success Metrics 

The marketing campaign helped the official Snapchat handle of Dunkin’ Donuts gain ten times more followers in one month. Their follower count reached 3M with about 40k engagement cases. 

8. Samsung's "The Influencer Olympics"

Do you think you’re aware of every feature on your mobile? No, right? However, with Samsung’s Infleucner Olympics, you’re sure to learn capabilities you couldn’t have imagined.


For their influencer marketing campaign, Samsung organized a friendly competition amongst tech-savvy influencers to exhibit the capabilities of their Samsung smartphones. Intelligent marketing proves to be educational, influential, and fun.

What this campaign did well

This campaign cleverly showcases the Samsung smartphone’s features. The advanced capabilities are exhibited through real-world usage, making it more trusted amongst the audience. 

What this campaign did differently

Instead of simply talking about their product and its specifications, the focus was on friendly competition that educated the audience. 

Success Metrics 

During the campaign, Samsung witnessed 1.5 million interactions on social media platforms and an 18% boost in smartphone sales. This campaign proved fruitful, with a 10% increase in its brand perception. 

9. Warby Parker's #WarbyHomeTryOn

Warby Parker brings quality to the eyewear and makes it convenient to shop for the product. Their marketing campaign collaborated with several lifestyle and fashion influencers to promote the ‘Home Try-On’ program.

Warby Parker

With this program, purchasing glasses has become cool as you can try five pairs in the convenience of your home. The Home Try-On program lets you say goodbye to the traditional shopping procedure with its irresistible offering. 

What this campaign did well

One of the perks of Warby Parker’s marketing campaign is that it makes eyewear shopping more accessible. The hefty process of visiting a store, trying the glasses, finalizing, and picking up the final product is cut down to just a few online selections being delivered to your place. Your role is to pick, finalize, and slay.

What this campaign did differently

This campaign leveraged user-generated content by enabling influencers to try their products at home. It makes the content more engaging, honest, and exciting. 

Success Metrics 

With the launch of their Home Try-On program, Warby Parker experienced a 15% increase in their online sales. There were about 500,000 mentions of #WarbyHomeTryOn on social media and a 28% growth in this program. 

10. Hershey's "Treat Yourself" Challenge

Hershey’s– where the name is enough to offer a sweet delight! And to make their marketing even more mouthwatering, Hershey’s launched a campaign with micro-influencers.


The ‘Treat Yourself’ challenge lets influencers curate unique recipes and DIY dessert ideas with Hershey’s chocolate. This marketing strategy hits right at the taste buds and makes the audience try new ideas. 

What this campaign did well

With delicious and unique ideas, this campaign encouraged influencers and their audience to indulge in sweet treats. It also exhibits the potential of a simple chocolate bar to make desserts even more delicious. 

What this campaign did Differently

Hershey’s never fails to stand out when it comes to their marketing. In this case, they leveraged influencers to generate mouthwatering content and feed the internet with DIY dessert ideas. 

Success Metrics 

After launching this campaign, there were about 300,000 user-generated dessert posts, about a 12% boost in Hershey’s product sales, and 20% growth in their social media engagement. 

11. Daniel Ricciardo and HUGO BOSS

HUGO BOSS is not a new name in the fashion industry, and similarly, Daniel Ricciardo is known globally for his competitive racing skills. Imagine a collaboration between the two– an extension beyond the traditional market.

Formula 1 drivers partnered with the fashion brand to offer engaging and stylish content around racing gear. The crossover lets the audience appreciate both the stunning fashion and high-performance racing. 

What this campaign did well

Formula 1 has a global fan base, including several fashion-driven individuals as well.  The collaboration amongst fashion and motorsports enthusiasts targets a niche audience and establishes a better connection with direct consumers. 

What this campaign did differently

The blend of high-performance sports and luxury fashion offers storytelling and leads to a broader reach. It connects with the fashion-forward audience, and with Ricciardo in the picture, it delivers a message of style, sophistication, and sportsmanship. 

Success Metrics 

A targeted marketing campaign resulted in an increase of 18% in racing gear sales and 10% growth in brand perception. About 200,000 posts flooded the social media platform with a mention of #RicciardoXHUGOBOSS. 

12. Etsy's #DifferenceMakesUs

Etsy is a marketplace for creative goods. And their creativity flows into the marketing strategies as well. The launch of #Difference MakesUs proves that well.


The campaign collaborated with crafters and artisans to celebrate art and unique thoughts. It looks at a diverse range of items with variations and varieties. The marketing campaign also hinted at how Etsy is a perfect fit in one’s daily routine, with crafts like mugs, bedside tables, pots, etc., adding to the convenience. 

What this campaign did well

The campaign welcomes local artisans to exhibit their talent. Aligning well with the brand’s ethos, it promotes individuality and creativity with crafts. 

What this campaign did differently

This campaign retained authenticity by showcasing user-generated handmade products. It celebrates local crafts and hints at the reflection of individuality in each item. 

Success Metrics 

Due to this campaign, Etsy shop sales hiked by 25%, and #DifferenceMakesUs was used over 1 million times on social media. It also led to a boost of 10% in the brand’s perception.

The Power of Influential Connections

In the ever-changing landscape of the marketing industry, one thing’s clear– Influential marketing campaigns are here to stay. A strategic collaboration with the right influencers can work wonders for better reach.

Whether it’s a local artist's unique talent or a famous celebrity's charisma, craft a story with your product for a lasting impact.