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February 27, 2023

Introducing Wordtune Spices: Your New Writing Partner!

Introducing Wordtune Spices: Your New Writing Partner!

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We're excited to introduce Wordtune Spices, an AI writing toolset that aims to enhance human writing rather than replace it with machine-churned text.

The screenshots in this article show how we used Spices to write this piece. Enjoy!

Though Generative AI has gained a lot of attention, many writers are still hesitant to use it, feeling it takes away the essential part of owning what you write. 

This is because Generative AI can produce an output that closely resembles the original content, making it difficult to distinguish the original from the generated. Furthermore, Generative AI can also produce content that may not have gone through the same level of editing and revision that is expected of human-written content.

It's our pleasure to introduce Wordtune Spices, an AI toolset designed to help you write faster without sacrificing control. 

What you can do with Spices

Here’s how Spices helps with each step of the process.

1. Overcome writer’s block.

With Spices, you can use AI to turn a single spark of an idea into a full paragraph of text. This can help to overcome writer's block, since it can provide the starting point for a full story or article.

2. Add facts and statistics to your articles to enhance their authority.

Spices can help you quickly add relevant data to your articles, such as a statistic on the current state of the industry you are writing about.

3. Elaborate on what you wrote.

Stand alone sentences are often not enough.

To ensure that readers fully understand the point you are trying to make, it is important to provide additional supporting facts and examples to explain the concept in greater depth. That's exactly what Spices helps you do!

4. Write faster.

Writing blog posts takes a long time. It should take around 4 hours to write a blog post, sometimes longer. Fortunately, Spices can help you save time by expanding your points into elaborate and credible paragraphs.

5. Be the true author of your content

Writing with Spices is like being the captain of a ship - you have the wheel in your hands, and you decide where you want to go. Your content is your vessel, and you make the choices that will steer it in the right direction.


Writing content is no longer a question of doing it yourself or handing it off to AI. With Spices, you can do both, and create content that you can be proud of. And you don't even need to choose between the two - you can have your AI and eat it too!

I had a blast writing with Wordtune Spices, and I'm sure you will too!

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