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August 10, 2023

Speed Up Your Writing and Increase Earnings Using Wordtune's AI

Speed Up Your Writing and Increase Earnings Using Wordtune's AI

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There is a constant demand for high-quality content — particularly as people spend around seven hours consuming online content each day. 

This demand means businesses must consistently post to their content channels. As a result, writers have to handle a constant flow of work.

My experience as a freelance writer with several clients has taught me to meet deadlines and satisfy client needs without compromising my writing quality. A key factor in my success is AI-powered tools such as Wordtune.

Get Wordtune to Complete your sentences

In this article, I'll share how to speed up your writing and enhance productivity by using Wordtune. Producing strong copy faster can help you earn more money, as you'll have more time to take on upcoming work, and you may even earn a bonus for quick delivery.

Wordtune: Your personal writing and editing assistant

Wordtune is an AI-powered writing assistant that works with you throughout the writing process to improve your copy. Wordtune spots grammar mistakes, generates original content, rephrases sentences for clarity, summarizes your work, and adjusts your tone.

The AI tool has been trained from enormous datasets of written material to learn and understand English language proficiency of the highest grade. Wordtune uses natural language processing (NLP) — a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that generates human-like responses. This ensures Wordtune’s copy matches your writing style.

For example, if I abbreviate words such as “I’m” instead of “I am,” Wordtune will notice and do the same. Wordtune can also recognise and follow tone. So, if I write in a formal tone, Wordtune will match this to ensure the copy it generates sounds as though I have written it.

With the ability to quickly edit your writing and generate copy, Wordtune is an effective way to speed up your writing with AI.

Wordtune features that help you write faster

Now that you know what Wordtune is and its key benefits, let’s explore the tool’s advanced features that increase productivity and writing speed.


As the name suggests, this Wordtune feature rewrites sentences. It comes up with alternative ways to phrase your text, whether it’s a sentence or a single word. 

Writers can lose time rewriting sentences to make them sound clearer and more direct. Wordtune makes this process smoother by instantly coming up with succinct and compelling suggestions. 

Take this example:

Image of Wordtune generating suggestions to make the sentence “The AI learning tool Wordpress generates text with Natural Language Processing (NLP) which is a type of AI that teaches machines to create human-like copy” more clear and direct.

In the Wordtune Editor, you can highlight the text you want to edit, and click “Rewrite.” This generates different ways to edit your words. Here, you can see that Wordtune gave me a list of alternative phrasings. Not only is this a fast process, “Rewrite” is also a helpful learning tool. 

Wordtune’s suggestions help me to expand my vocabulary and use fewer redundant words by noticing how Wordtune removes them.

Additionally, the “Rewrite” feature can also translate words into English. When you write in another language in the Editor, the “Rewrite” function will suggest rephrasing suggestions in English. This is particularly useful for non-native English speakers who want to improve their proficiency.

The Wordtune Editor can translate multiple languages, including Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, Hebrew, Russian, German, French, and Portuguese.

Continue Writing

Writer’s block decreases our productivity because we waste time wondering what to write. Wordtune’s “Continue Writing” feature generates original content to help you brainstorm ideas.

As an example, let’s say I have a client who wants me to write blog content about the benefits of sustainable fabric. I can write my topic into the Wordtune Editor, press the “Spices” button and then click “Continue Writing” to formulate my copy.

Here is an example:

Image showing Wordtune Editor’s “Continue Writing” feature generating copy after typing in “The benefits of sustainable fabric.”

Due to NLP, AI-generated content sounds like a human writer rather than a machine. I can use Wordtune’s copy exactly as it is, edit it into my own words, or use it as guidance for what to focus on. This tool speeds up the content creation process because it helps me craft copy even when my mind goes blank.

When you’re not sure what to write, it’s tempting to jot down anything or over explain and repeat yourself to get the words down. A significant part of SEO-optimized content, however, is creating valuable copy — this is what keeps people engaged with your work. The more time people spend reading and engaging with your content (such as sharing and commenting), the more-likely search engines such as Google will increase your search rankings.

This is because search engines want to show websites on search engine result pages that  people find valuable.

The “Continue Writing” feature can generate valuable text to guide your writing so you don’t add meaningless content.


Different types of content require different text lengths. For example, it is recommended that a blog post has around 2,000 words to provide enough insight for readers. On the other hand, product descriptions usually require less. It’s difficult, for example, to write 2,000 words on a basic, white t-shirt that people already use and understand. 

There are many reasons to shorten text. Sometimes, your copy feels too long for the type of content you’re producing — such as too many words to describe a simple t-shirt. In the case of a blog post, you may have surpassed your word count, or your sentences may be too long and difficult to read.

The Wordtune Editor’s “Shorten” button reduces your copy by removing redundant and unnecessary words. Simply highlight the sentences you want Wordtune to edit and click “Shorten.” This is an effective way to remove content fluff. 


On the flip side, you may need to expand your copy. This could be to provide readers with more details to understand your message. Or, you may have too many short sentences and want to include a more balanced mix of short and long sentences to improve readability

Alternatively, your entire article might be under your client’s requested word count. Rather than adding fluff by rewriting what you wrote earlier, Wordtune’s “Expand” feature lengthens your sentences without unnecessary words. It does this by adding more context to what you have written.


Image showing Wordtune’s “Expand” feature generating suggestions to expand the text, “Why would a writer need to expand their copy?”

As you can see, I wrote the sentence “Why would a writer need to expand their copy?” and clicked on Wordtune’s “Expand” button to generate suggestions. Wordtune then suggested ways to expand my copy by looking at a particular focus. So, rather than just asking “Why would a writer need to expand their copy?” Wordtune suggests I explore “the benefits of expanding copy” and “what circumstances” would cause a writer to expand their copy. 

These suggestions help spark ideas for what I can expand on. Using the above example, I can now write about benefits and circumstances in addition to looking at why.


Wordtune’s “Spices” feature is incredibly unique. Many content generators only generate content. You can tell an AI tool about your topic or idea and then wait for it to create machine-generated text. But “Spices” is a feature that is designed to enhance your writing with auto-corrections. 

So, instead of just providing you with text, it can help you expand on and more clearly express your thoughts with explanations, examples, and definitions. When it comes to content writing tools, “Spices” can help you write faster and more effectively, and enhance your research.

There are several AI-content prompts within “Spices” to try, including the “Continue Writing” feature I demonstrated earlier. Using “Spices,” you can ask Wordtune to:

  • Explain — add a detailed explanation to what you have written
  • Emphasize — reiterate your message
  • Expand on — generate copy based on your topic
  • Give an example — demonstrate your message
  • Counterargument — add an opposing position
  • Define — add a definition
  • Give an analogy — add a simple comparison
  • Make a joke — bring humor to your writing
  • Inspirational quote — add a quote by a famous person
  • Continue writing — generate additional, original content

You can also add a “Historical Fact,” “Nature Fact,” and “Statistical Fact” in order to add educational content to your text. To utilize these features, add some text to the Wordtune Editor and click “Spices.” You can then choose fact options from the menu.

The “Spices” feature is a useful way to speed up your writing with AI. When writing long-form content, I use “Spices” to generate examples to explain complex ideas. As you can see below, Wordtune can efficiently generate original examples for you to use.

Change tone

Content tone is an essential part of writing that content marketers must understand. To appeal to your target audience, you should write in a tone that matches how they communicate. For example, you can match a teenager's tone and communication style on social media posts by sounding casual and informal. You could also use slang and colloquialisms such as “bestie” instead of “best friend.”

To communicate with a senior leader via email, on the other hand, you could write in a professional and formal tone. To create a formal tone, you should avoid abbreviating words (such as using “TV” instead of “television”) and ensure that you use correct grammar. 

Luckily, Wordtune can help. In the Wordtune Editor, click the “Formal” or “Casual” button to generate suggestions that match these tones. In the example below, I asked Wordtune to suggest ways to make my tone more casual.

Image of Wordtune Editor generating suggestions to make the sentence “It is critical to match your tone to your intended target audience to help them connect with your brand” more casual.


When you log in to Wordtune Editor, there is an “Editor’s Notes” section in the right-hand corner that instantly checks spelling and grammar for you. Consider this an inbuilt, 24/7 editor. 

Incorrect grammar and spelling can make you look unprofessional, which could lead to losing clients, so it’s important to get these details right. Wordtune’s Editor also checks your writing to see if there are any irrelevant words that could be removed, or sentences that or could be rewritten for concision. For instance, the Editor may suggest splitting one sentence into two to make it easier to digest.

Click “Editor’s Notes” to see Wordtune’s suggestions. Any suggestions or errors will be underlined in red to highlight where you could improve.


A conclusion is a final summary or call-to-action that provides key takeaways you want your readers to remember. It’s crucial to ensure the most relevant parts of your message are discussed here — so people don’t forget.

Wordtune Read quickly analyzes and summarizes a document to draw out the main points. This helps you to decide what to include in your conclusion.  For example, imagine I wrote an article on choosing a cover image for blog posts. The “Read” feature may highlight that my point on checking the image size before downloading is significant. I can then add this to my conclusion.

You can upload a file to Wordtune Read, or copy and paste text or a website link. 

In the example below, I pasted a blog post into Wordtune Read. Seconds later, the text summarized my piece and highlighted the most important points for me.

Besides helping you to create a conclusion, Wordtune Read speeds up the research process, helping you to develop your content quickly. Rather than analyzing and highlighting the key points from texts yourself, Wordtune Read instantly does this for you. 

When it comes to powerful tools that aid the content creation process, Wordtune is highly effective. Article writers, copywriters, and other writing professionals can all benefit from utilizing AI technology. From generating original content, checking spelling and grammar, and summarizing your research, Wordtune speeds up the writing process and makes the experience feel effortless.

Try it yourself and see how much time you save.