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November 28, 2023

10 Best Gifts for Writers in 2023 (Chosen by Writers)

10 Best Gifts for Writers in 2023 (Chosen by Writers)

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Besides being a writer, I have ten close friends who are also writers. They're hard to please when it comes to gifts.

Rather than buying the standard journal or classic writer’s coffee mug (one that has a quote about needing time to read), why not find something more meaningful and helpful?

For this post (and for my friends' next Bday) I found 10 special gifts with a twist. 🥳

Some are meant to put a smile on the writer's face, others are meant simply to surprise and delight.

Let's get to it! Here are some of the best gifts for writers, chosen by a writer who would happily receive these items.

The 10 Best Gift Ideas for Writers

1. The ultimate journal

Author and screenwriter Douglas Adams once said, “It takes an awful lot of time to not write a book.” I believe he was referring to the pain of writers block. Journaling can help writers overcome this problem. 

A journal can encourage writers to get their creative juices flowing. Journaling daily can also get writers into the habit of writing consistently. So, which journal will best help the writer in your life? 

The Writer’s Journal Workbook from Bloomsbury features writing advice, techniques, and exercises useful for aspiring authors. For instance, one prompt called “The Naming Game” asks writers to list everything around them in a sentence. This process of writing down your observations is an effective starting point for describing settings and scenes in creative work.

A Writer's Journal


2. A comfortable foot rest

This is a gift writers don’t know they need until they discover it. Sitting down all day can put pressure on our limbs and cause discomfort. Even with a suitable office chair, we can struggle with leg aches and back pain.

With that in mind, I recommend a foot rest such as the ComfiLife Foot Rest. This provides support for the back, hips, legs, knees, and feet. This is because the memory foam ergonomically supports our feet, shifting our weight and taking pressure off our lower back and hips.

The foot rest can also be used as a seat or a pillow to relax your head. 

ComfiLife Footrest


3. A unique coffee gift

What type of best gifts for writers guide would this be if I didn’t include at least one coffee gift? As mentioned earlier, we writers love coffee, but many of us forget to drink it before it goes cold, especially when we are typing or experiencing a creative spell.

Instead of going back to the kitchen and reboiling the kettle, wasting water, milk, and electricity, or waiting around to warm up cold coffee in the microwave, there is a much simpler option. An electric coffee mug warmer for your desk will keep your coffee at the right temperature until you finish drinking.

I recommend buying the Vobaga electric warmer. This is a mini heating plate that resembles a coaster that you place your mug on. 

As an Amazon Choice product, it comes with helpful safety measures. For example, the machine automatically turns itself off after four hours. The plate will also display a red light to indicate when it is hot. The plate is also easy to clean, fits most standards mugs, and has three different temperature settings. The writer in your life will never have to drink cold coffee again!  

Vobaga Electric Warmer


4. Noise-cancelling headphones

Studies have shown that silence improves concentration and lowers stress levels. To help the writer in your life have more peace and quiet, why not buy them some headphones with noise cancellation technology.

Unfortunately, noise canceling headphones cannot completely block all sounds, such as people chatting at a coffee table nearby, but it can improve the situation. The technology uses two opposing sound waves to create silence using built-in microphones. 

There are lots of options available at different prices. I suggest buying the Life 3P earbuds. 

These earbuds target outdoor and indoor noises, have a long battery life, fit comfortably in your ear, and double-up as headphones for both music and noise cancellation. The headphones are equipped with bass amplification for writers who prefer listening to music while they write. In addition, silencing background noise also improves call quality, making these headphones truly multifunctional.

Life 3p Earbuds


5. The book You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One)

If you are buying a writing gift for a student who dreams of becoming a full-time writer, or someone who loves creating content such as blog posts, the book You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One) is an ideal present. Best-selling author Jeff Goins created the book for novice writers in order to help them overcome their self-doubt and learn the key skills required to succeed in the profession.

Jeff Goins is the author of several books about writing and creativity. He also has an award-winning blog, Goinswriter.com, which is visited by millions of people each year.

In his book You are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One), Jeff describes how authors can market themselves on and use social media to find fans of their writing, as well as how to transition from wanting to be a writer to actually being one.

Inside, you’ll find personal anecdotes from Jeff. For example, he describes how he overcame writing frustrations such as poor pay and a lack of work. 

If you are interested in looking at some other fantastic books for writers, we have put together a guide that covers different books and who they are most useful for. This includes books that help with academic writing, storytelling, and even social media content.

You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One) - Kindle edition by Goins,  Jeff. Reference Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.
You Are a Writer (so start ACTING like one) by Jeff Goins


6. A subscription to an AI writing & editing tool (like Wordtune)

A writer’s work is only as good as their spelling and grammar. For example, a test run by Website Planet found that visitors are much more likely to leave or spend less time on a website if its pages contain poor spelling and grammar. 

Gifting a writer with a 24/7 digital editor, such as Wordtune, helps them to ensure that their work is polished. Using AI (artificial intelligence) technology, Wordtune not only corrects grammatical errors, but also suggests ways to rewrite copy, expand on text, and create a formal or casual tone.

As a writer, I know how easy it is to get comfortable using certain words and phrases. Wordtune helps me adapt my writing to make my copy more compelling and dynamic. You can choose to gift a monthly or yearly subscription.



7. A lap desk to replace a real one

Some writers are lucky enough to have a desk with an office chair, but this is not always the case. In a houseshare, students can be stuck writing on their bed or using a crowded dining table.

Using a laptop on soft and uneven surfaces, such as a bed or couch, can overheat a device. This is because the air from the internal fans can become blocked which stops the laptop’s temperature from being regulated.

A lap desk prevents this from happening due to its even and hard surface. I particularly like this lap desk from LapGear. It comes with a built-in device ledge to stop your laptop from slipping, as well as a phone slot. It also has a microbead cushion for comfort and a built-in mouse pad. 

Amazon.com: LapGear Elevation Lap Desk with Device Ledge, and Phone Holder  - Gray Woodgrain - Fits up to 15.6 Inch Laptops - Style No. 87965 :  Everything Else
LapGear Lap Desk


8. The Book Club candle

Not only can a candle make a desk look more aesthetically pleasing, its scent can boost productivity. Cinnamon, for instance, improves performance, while amber is known to help people relax.

The Book Club candle from Fly Paper Products contains cinnamon, amber, and leather. It is handmade in the US with a soy wax blend and delivers around 50 hours of burn time. The creator who designed the candle was inspired by their love of libraries and bookstores.

Whether a writer is working late into the evening or up at night reading, they will appreciate a lovely fragrance to heighten their experience.

The Book Club Candle


9. A protector for beloved books

It’s no secret that writers love to read. Whether you’re buying a gift for an English Literature student or a budding writer in the family, every book lover will appreciate a book pouch to protect their beloved titles.

I have lost count of all the books that have been ripped and stained during transportation in my handbag. A book protector is a sealed cover that goes over a book. This separates a book from other items to stop liquid or other possible stains from marking your book while you’re on the go. 

I like these water resistant book protectors from Book Beau. They have a protective padded sleeve to stop your book cover from becoming bent or crushed. 

Book Beau Book Sleeve


10. LED desk lamp for optimal reading

In addition to loving coffee, being night owls is another stereotype that is often true about writers. I enjoy reading in the evening but find many lamp bulbs are either too bright or too dim. Equally, if I’m reading in bed, I can easily fall asleep with a book and leave my light on.

To save electricity and improve reading, a writer will love this LED desk lamp. Selected as an Amazon Choice, the light features ten brightness levels and five color modes with soft lighting to protect your eyes. It also has an adjustable angle and an auto timer which a writer can use as a reading timer before bed (meaning the lamp will turn off even if you do fall asleep!). 

This lamp also comes equipped with a useful USB charging port.

White crown מנורת שולחן LED מנורת שולחן מנורת קריאה עם יציאת טעינה USB 5 מצבי תאורה 5 רמות בהירות, שליטה רגישה, טיימר אוטומטי 30/60 דקות, מנורת משרד לטיפול בעיניים, כסף



From a heating plate that keeps coffee at an ideal temperature to a Wordtune subscription, these are the best gifts for the special writer in your life. Whether you are shopping for a friend or a family member, there are lots of affordable and unique products that can make a big difference to their writing experience.

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