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June 13, 2024

8 Ways Generative AI Can Help with Account Management [+Examples]

8 Ways Generative AI Can Help with Account Management [+Examples]

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Service, support, and improvement opportunities — the holy trinity to retaining your existing customers. 

Effective account management aligns each of these assets by improving communication with customers and analyzing customer behavior. 

Also, account management is an extension of sales that continues indefinitely with the help of strategic planning, clear communication, and proactive initiatives to retain them. 

Here are some account management statistics that’ll force you to reassess your account management tactics and focus more on buildable communication efforts:

Hence, to keep the audience engaged, increase revenue, reduce churn rate, and increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), your account managers and support teams can use Wordtune to save time and improve communication. . 

Learn more about Wordtune for customer support teams

Here are 8 ways Wordtune helps:

1. Proactive Communication

Proactive customer is a customer relationship strategy to increase your customer’s loyalty. For example, as your Account managers grasp an opportunity to upskill, they can use Wordtune to relay the message to the concerned account immediately. 

We diversify and update our product features promptly. Every new feature is an opportunity to educate and re-spark customers' interest in our product and empower them to use the features lucratively and without speed bumps. 

We use Wordtune to inform our customers of the new features and help them understand the how, what, and why in a conversational way.

We used Wordtune's Spices feature to add an explanation to our feature. This will allow our account managers to talk fluently and actively and draft messages quickly to reach customers before competitors do. 

If your account managers need to add emphasis, counter arguments, or even add a joke to keep the communication more casual. This helps them draft personalized messages that sound natural and not automated.

2. Onboarding

After the initial sale, account managers need to send welcome emails, operation guides, walkthroughs, and other such formalities to help customers adapt to the new workflows. 

To make this process smooth, our account managers utilize Wordtune’s ability to perceive human behavior and guide the customers with simple instructions and improve their onboarding experience. 

Not only does Wordtune help account managers draft messages quickly and simplifies messaging with the “Rewrite” feature—saving hours. Our account managers no longer need to fumble with rough drafts to find the right word. Instead, they can focus more on actively onboarding more and more customers. 

For example:

Welcome Email


3. Simplify messaging

Communication is the single most important factor when working with teams. Thats why account managers need to focus on clear communication and short messaging. 

To equip account managers to create crisp and short messages, Wordtune has a “Shorten” feature that allows them to cut down the fluff. This helps keep the message upbeat, conversational, and professional.

Here’s a demo of how this feature works:

Short messages prompt the readers to absorb the entirety of the message and be more in touch with the communication that managers do with them. Concise messages are more impactful and help forge a customer relationship without heavily diluted language. 

It also helps account managers communicate simultaneously with multiple customers and also maintain records while enhancing the CSAT score.

4. Avoid jargon

Jargon is the silent killer of customer experience. 

Business jargon is complicated, and if our account managers suddenly overwhelm the customers by talking about AI and related jargon, they’ll drive business out instead of packing it in. 

One quick and easy way to create easy and clear messages is with the help of tools like Wordtune. You can use our rewrite feature or “Writing” feature to draft messages and direct the tool to omit jargon. 

These words serve as great conversational tools inside the organization. Still, account managers need to simplify the message and refrain from going to and fro with the customer to explain the meaning of a simple message. 

For example: When our account managers want to relay a message full of jargon but make it simple, here’s how they use Wordtune:

Wordtune removes the jargon but retains the meaning in a way that even a rookie can understand the gist behind a message. 

Customers come to you because they’re unaware of the digital lexicon related to your industry and need your expertise. Hence, a tool to clarify your expert thoughts in the general lexicon will save hours of redrafting and thinking of synonyms for the terms.

5. Add a casual tone

To build a relationship, your account managers need to ditch the professional language sometimes and have a heart-to-heart to address your customers' problems. A compassionate tone reflects that your manager is concerned about the customer and looking to solve a problem rather than just selling to your customers. 

It enhances customers' loyalty and helps them open up about more problems rather than bottling it up and looking for someone who's easier to talk to. 

Our account managers make the conversation more casual and add flow to their communicative efforts with Wordtune's "Casual" tone feature. 

This helps establish a dynamic understanding between the customer and the manager and allows them to retain the same customer with minimal effort. 

Using this feature is like having an assistant proofread for you and balancing the content between a professional and casual tone.

For example, here, Wordtune suggests alternatives to a sentence to make it more friendly and remove the instances of formal language from the same. 

Remember, your account managers need to establish the communication preferences of your customers. Not every new client loves a call, and not everyone checks their email again, so it’s important to equip managers to prepare beforehand.

Hence, Wordtune enables them to create casual talking points for calls in advance, remove instances of rigid professional talk from emails, or draft messages without errors.

6. Handle different functions

While sales reps secure new clients for your company, account managers handle the account for all the specifics including budget discussion, act as a liaison between clients and departments, introduce new functions, and talk about progress reports. 

Wordtune helps your account managers handle all these functions with communication that doesn’t miss a mark with tone, words, and timing. 

Here are some different use cases for your example. 

Use Case 1: Cross-selling

Use Case 2: Up-selling

As you can see, just interchanging the words and adding a few new ones can quickly take a sentence from “Meh” to “Wow”. Manually, this can be a hassle, and your account managers would have to compromise on their core operations to draft messages for every new account. 

7. Create useful summaries of your call

To reference old cases and identify common gaps in communication or support, account managers need call summaries. Transcribing for 1-hour calls isn’t an ideal way to reference old conversations. 

To extract key points, our account managers use Wordtune. All they have to do is copy and paste the transcribed call to the Wordtune editor and instruct it to “Create a summary,” and it will do the rest of the work. 

For more on this, be sure to check out this article - How AI Improves Customer Support

8. To add a human touch

Customers resonate more with your company if they’re a human being talking to them on either side. To add a personal touch, Wordtune allows users to add a casual or formal tone. 

Its new spices feature also allows the account manager to expand, emphasize, and explain. It also allows adding of counterarguments, defining terms, adding analogies or jokes. This adds the much-needed human touch and customers won’t have to deal with robots (no one likes talking to bots). 

The “Casual” and “Spices” feature makes conversations more personable and gives the impression that clients are talking to a real-life person.

For example: 

With Wordtune, you add a light joke, and the message's impression changes overall, making communication more casual. 

Manage accounts with ease

Account managers who focus more on building customer relationships carry the greatest USP for your brand. Customers value personal interactions, and every message you send mindfully is an extension to the customer to stay connected with the brand. 

With Wordtune, I've been able to enable efficient and seamless communication with my clients across channels and manage support requests proactively. It's a tool for modern business needs, and an account manager needs to make the most of it!