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April 10, 2023

12 Writing Tasks You Can Crush Using Wordtune

12 Writing Tasks You Can Crush Using Wordtune

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Everyone needs help with their writing. That’s why there are over 80 thousand editors currently employed in the U.S. alone. And the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that there will be an average of 10 thousand openings for editors each year.

But what happens if you don’t have the time or money to work with a professional editor? Have no fear. There are now AI-based apps and programs like Wordtune to help you. Here’s a list of innovative ways you can use Wordtune to improve your writing.

What is Wordtune?

Wordtune is an AI writing tool that can rewrite, rephrase, and edit your writing. It helps writers like you get your ideas across and improve the quality of your content. 

You can use the Wordtune editor through your browser or download the extension and use it with a compatible software like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Innovative ways to use Wordtune

You have great ideas, but having ideas and getting them down on paper is a whole other matter. Wordtune can help you get your ideas out of your head and onto the page. Here’s what you can do with this handy AI writing tool.

1. Transform scribbled notes into complete, logical sentences

Wordtune’s AI can take scraps of sentences and turn them into thoroughly fleshed-out sentences with a click of a button. Take the example below, “no thought just action” was typed into Wordtune’s prompt box. But once you click the “Rewrite” button, you get ten sentence options to choose from. 

Instantly improve your writing using Wordtune >

This feature is great for those taking meeting minutes that later have to be shared. It’s also helpful for late-night scribblers who wake up bleary-eyed in the middle of the night to jot down ideas.

This Wordtune feature will take those ideas and turn them into sentences that make sense.

2. Edit and proofread your work, so it shines

Editing and proofreading are a large part of writing. And it’s important to note that no one gets it right on the first pass. In fact, the more you stare at a piece of writing, the more it starts to look right to you—even if there is a glaring grammatical mistake you’d normally catch. It’s normal for writers to go through a number of drafts before finalizing a piece, and it’s essential to have a tool that helps catch errors.

Published author Jessica Stilling says, “for many published authors I know, myself included, a completed novel takes them about 10, that’s right, 10 drafts, and at least a year of real editing.”

Wordtune is an outstanding editing and proofreading tool that works wonders—even for the best writers. 

Here’s an example of how editing and proofreading in Wordtune words. Take a look at this portion of a CNN article about the 2022 election results. When put into the Wordtune editor, it not only catches grammatical mistakes, but it also gives you alternative rewrites to make the language crisper. 

CNN is clearly an excellent publication, yet Wordtune still suggests ideas on how to strengthen its work.

3. Create social media posts that will resonate well with an informal audience

If you tend to be too wordy or formal when you write social media posts, then Wordtune is for you.

You can write your thoughts into Wordtune and then select the “casual” button. Wordtune will evaluate the language you’ve used in your post and suggest ways to make it more reader-friendly.

The “casual” button benefits brands trying to engage audiences on social media with language that resonates well. With over 4.7 billion active social media users worldwide, getting the wording right for your social posts is important for every brand.

The “casual” button is also a great tool to use if you’ve received a style guide from a client that asks for a more informal tone. It’s easy to use jargon, write too formally, and over-explain when creating client content. Wordtune will help you take any content you’ve written for a client and make it more accessible to all audiences.

4. Write outstanding website copy

When creating a website, you need to explain your product, mission statement, return policies, etc. There’s a lot of writing involved. What’s more, this writing isn’t easy.

According to research compiled by CXL, visitors spend an average of 5.59 seconds reading the content of a website. That means website copy needs to be informative, well-written, and eye-catching. And your writing has to capture the attention of your audience and help them understand what you do immediately.

Wordtune will help you create engaging website copy. Take a look at Superior Web Solutions’ old homepage. The copy is riddled with grammatical mistakes and is pretty boring to read.

Image Source: Superior Web Solutions

Now take a look at the options that Wordtune offers to make this homepage more readable and interesting. It’s a marked improvement.

Before you press “publish” on your website, run it through Wordtune to see what copy it suggests. You’ll be pleasantly surprised and create a better, more engaging website.

5. Write ad copy that converts

Ad copy is another type of writing that can be tricky. You have a limited time to grab a viewer’s attention and to convince them to continue to read or watch your ad. 

Bad ad copy like Bulldog London Dry Gin’s “Begin Bold” campaign can make people forgo your brand and products. 

Image Source: Youtube

But with Wordtune, you can insert your ad copy and it will give you a more cohesive message. If you look at the example below, you can see that Wordtune kept the original intentions of each phrase but made it less pretentious and more accessible.

When you’re writing ad copy, you can enter the full ad into Wordtune or you can work sentence-by-sentence. Either way, Wordtune will offer suggestions that improve your ad copy.

6. Create killer headlines

The legendary expert on advertising, David Ogilvy always said, “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”

A good headline is the thing that grabs your readers and makes them want to read the rest of your content. But if you’re having trouble finding the right one, a good tactic is to try a few different headlines and test them. You can survey your team or use them on your webpage or social media and analyze how each one performs using analytics.

Wordtune is a quick and easy way to get several options for headlines. You can see it spit out ten different variations of the headline entered into the editor below. There’s no easier way to find the right headline than to use Wordtune.

7. Repurpose content on social media, so it fits each platform

Each social media platform has different requirements, guidelines, and even demographics. So it’s important to repurpose your content so that it fits each social media platform. 

For example, different platforms have varying character limits: 

  • Snapchat only allows 80 characters in each snap’s captions
  • Twitter allows 280 characters per post 
  • Instagram and TikTok allow 2,200 characters in their captions 
  • Facebook allows a massive 33,000 characters per post 
  • Youtube allows 5,000 characters for video descriptions

Take a look at this Instagram post from OAFRescue. Instagram allows for 2,200 characters, so the caption is a long one. But if OAFRescue wants to repost this on Twitter or even Snapchat, it’ll have to shorten this significantly.

Image Source: Instagram 

The “Shorten” feature in Wordtune’s editor can do just that. 

Furthermore, what works for one social media platform may not work for another because of their respective demographics. 

For example, Instagram’s main demographic is millennials while TikTok’s primary demographic is Gen Z. Wordtune can help reword your posts, so they appeal to the demographics you’re trying to target.

Learn More: Repurposing Content for Social Media (Examples for 6 Different Platforms)

8. Paraphrase and quote sources

You should always paraphrase and quote sources, whether you're writing a journalistic article or an essay. By using the simple rewrite feature, you can make sure your content is properly paraphrased.

Make sure you run your essay through Wordtune before you run a plagiarism check or submit it to an online service like Turnitin to ensure your content remains original. This doesn't replace proper credit, but it can prevent accidental plagiarism as well as self-plagiarism.

9. Summarize content to use on other platforms

We’ve already explored the “Shorten” feature in Wordtune’s editor when talking about social media posts. But another great use for this feature is summarizing other pieces of writing. 

When doing research or reviewing books, being able to write a good summary is essential. You want to get the gist of the piece across, but also make sure you don’t leave any important aspects out of the summary. 

Rather than working hard and writing and rewriting summaries over and over, you can put the article or press release into Wordtune and shorten it. This is a major time saver for busy copywriters and journalists.

10. Avoid plagiarism and duplicate content

Cartoonist Walter Moers famously said, “Stealing from one author is plagiarism; from many authors, research.”

While writing, you’ll come across research as well as other writers’ pieces. Plagiarism is never okay, but there will be times when you must reference others’ findings or writings. In that instance, rather than cutting and pasting, you can use Wordtune to rephrase and summarize.

The same goes for editing your own work. Wordtune can help you avoid repeating the same phrases over and over again. It will also help you catch yourself when you make the same points in your content. 

11. Write content for different mediums

We’ve talked about innovative ways you can use Wordtune to improve your writing, but did you know you can use Wordtune for more than the copy you see on a website, blog, article, social, or landing page?

You can also use Wordtune to help with any and all of the writing involved in many different types of mediums wherever writing is involved—Wordtune can help. 

For example, video scripts are critical to get right. Your viewers won’t have the benefit of seeing the words. They will only hear them, so your writing must be easily understandable to the ear. Writing for the ear and not the eye, means making sure your writing sounds conversational and fluent.

As we saw in the Bulldog London Dry Gin ad referenced above, Wordtune is excellent at rewriting scripts. You can enter your video script, and select the “Casual” button to make your script more colloquial. Alternatively, you can select the “Formal” button if you want to give off a more buttoned-up air. 

12. Translate documents from other languages

Wordtune has a stellar translation feature as well. If you’re not a native English speaker and feel more comfortable writing in your native tongue, you can write in your native language and use the Wordtune extension to translate everything to English. 

The “Rewrite” button will offer a number of translation options to choose from so that you can communicate your points effectively in English. 

Unlike Google Translate or other translation apps, Wordtune is an extension compatible with apps like Google Docs and Microsoft Word. That means there’s no character limit. You can use the “W” icon to translate an entire article or book by just highlighting the sections you want to be translated and pressing either [CTRL D] or [COMMAND D].

It even works with very academic topics like the example below. The original writing is a Korean piece about Alexander III’s conquests.

As you can see, Wordtune offers ten translation options for each sentence. This will allow you to make sure the translations are accurate and include all the important information. 

Wordtune’s translation feature is currently available for Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Hebrew, and Russian.

Wordtune is the AI tool that improves all writing

“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter. 'tis the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” -Mark Twain.

The first step to becoming a great writer is having a great idea. But the second step is stringing the right words together to get that idea across to your readers. Now you know exactly how Wordtune can help you with this.