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May 7, 2023

Announcing Wordtune API: Paraphrasing, Summarizing & More

Announcing Wordtune API: Paraphrasing, Summarizing & More

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We are proud to announce our new line of Task-Specific APIs, with the launch of the Wordtune API set, giving developers access to the language models behind our massively popular consumer-facing reading and writing apps. 

Wordtune and Wordtune Read both use cutting-edge AI to assist users with writing and reading tasks – all while saving time and improving performance. With the release of Wordtune API, we’re giving developers access to the AI engine behind this award-winning line of applications, allowing them to take full advantage of Wordtune’s capabilities and integrate them into their own apps:

  • Paraphrasing API - Reword texts to fit any tone, length, or meaning.
  • Summarize API - Condense lengthy texts into easy-to-read bite-sized summaries.
  • Grammatical Error Correction API - Catch and fix grammatical errors and typos on the fly.
  • Text Improvements API - Get recommendations to increase text fluency, enhance vocabulary, and improve clarity. 
  • Text Segmentation API - Break down long pieces of text into paragraphs segmented by distinct topic.
The Wordtune API Family

Outperforming the Competition

When it comes to paraphrasing and summarizing capabilities, Wordtune API is truly a best-in-class performer.

Faithfulness rates measure how factually consistent a summary is with the original text. As you can see below, our new Summarize API has reached a faithfulness rate that outperforms OpenAI’s Davinci-003 by 19%. 

Wordtune's Faithfulness rate compared to OpenAI

Acceptance rates measure how satisfied human evaluators are with the quality of generated summaries, and we’re proud to say that our Summarize API has achieved an acceptance rate that is 18% higher than that of OpenAI’s.

Wordtune's Acceptance rate compared to OpenAI

Aside from summarizing, our paraphrasing API is also a top performer when compared to the competition.

  • Our Paraphrase API’s latency is approximately a 1/3 of OpenAI’s.
  • Our Paraphrase API outperforms OpenAI both in terms of diversity of results (33%) as well as meaning preservation (8%).

To learn more about Wordtune's new API set, click here.