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September 11, 2023

Why Every Business Needs AI Writing Tools in 2023

Why Every Business Needs AI Writing Tools in 2023

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AI writing tools for business are revolutionizing the way companies create content for their audiences. 

When asked in a 2022 survey, a stunning 92.1% of leading companies reported they saw measurable business benefits from their investment in AI. In fact, over 52% of content marketers already use AI-powered tools to streamline their content creation process, according to Siege Media and Clearscope.

As a writer and marketer, I’ve witnessed the online marketing industry constantly evolve over the last 20 years. But what's happening now is a whole new ballgame.

If you're wondering whether AI writing tools could benefit your business, read on. I think you’ll find, like other companies that have embraced AI, there’s a lot to gain.

What are AI writing tools?

Imagine having a tireless assistant, an intelligent companion that never sleeps. It can craft high-quality content in seconds. It can also handle various types of content — be it blog posts, social media posts, or product descriptions.

AI writing tools are software applications powered by natural language processing (NLP) and advanced language models that help create, optimize, and improve your written content. 

They're designed to assist you in your writing process, acting like your very own personal editor with superhuman abilities. These tools can take simple, brief instructions and turn them into well-written, SEO-optimized content. 

Think of them as a creative buddy, ready to churn out great content whenever you need it. For example, Wordtune, a popular AI writing assistant, can generate everything from LinkedIn posts to meeting agendas for you. You just need to tell it what you want it to write.

Some AI software tools focus on short-form content, like social media content or sales emails. Others handle long-form content, such as in-depth blog content or comprehensive reports based on content briefs.

But it's not just content generation. These tools also offer a wide range of unique features that can elevate your writing game. From grammar checking features that ensure your content is always on point, to plagiarism checker systems that prove your content's originality, AI tools are a powerful weapon in your business arsenal.

What can AI writing tools do for your business?

I bet you're thinking, "Okay, these tools seem neat and all, but do they make sense for my company?" Let me show you how AI writing software can totally transform your business. With AI, you can:

  • Boost efficiency: The content creation process can be time-consuming, especially when you need to create content at scale. AI writing software can significantly speed up this process, enabling you to produce more content, more quickly, without sacrificing quality. This means more time to focus on other critical aspects of your business.
  • Maintain consistency: Consistency in tone and style is key to building a strong brand identity. Writing tools can help maintain this across all your written materials. They also ensure that your content's quality remains high, no matter the content type or quantity.
  • Optimize for SEO: Getting your pages noticed by search engines can be tough, but not with AI writing tools. For example, AI-powered software can scan your website, suggesting changes to the text that can make it more visible on search engines.
  • Get top content creation: AI is useful for coming up with content ideas. AI-generated content is also readable, engaging, and high-quality, making for a better user experience. This means you can rely on content generators to write text that truly connects with your audience, strengthening your brand's reputation and customer engagement.
  • Save resources: With AI writing tools, you may not need as large a team of content writers or content creators. Because AI writing tools help writers generate more content faster, large writing projects can be completed by fewer people, saving manpower costs.
  • Be versatile: From blog writing to email subject lines, AI writing tools can handle a vast array of content requirements. Whether you're building a content marketing strategy and you’re in need of content templates, or simply looking for a reliable content writing tool to aid with general content creation, AI writing software is invaluable.

6 ways to use AI writing tools in your business

You can really elevate your business's content with AI tools. Here are some specific ways AI writing tools could be used to help your company, starting with that all-important service, customer support.

1. AI writing for business communication and customer support

Excellent customer service often means efficient, timely, and clear communication. And guess what? AI writing tools are ideally suited to enhance this aspect of your business.

Take a typical customer support scenario. Your company receives an email from a disgruntled customer about a delayed shipment. Using Wordtune, your customer service representative can input a simple message like:

"We are sorry for the delay to the shipment." 

The representative can then use the buttons in Wordtune to get alternative suggestions for wording this apology. Wordtune can offer alternatives that are similar in tone, more casual, or more formal. It can also be used to shorten or expand any text. 

In this way, Wordtune makes it easier for customer service agents to converse with customers in the style and tone you’ve set out in your brand guidelines.

Wordtune being used to perfect a reply to a customer complaint.

The customer service applications of AI writing tools extend far beyond email. AI tools can also aid with live chat interactions, generating real-time responses to customer queries. They can assist in creating knowledge base articles that help your customers better understand your product or service. Social media responses? No problem. These tools can craft personalized replies to customer comments or concerns on various platforms.

AI writing software also proves useful for template creation and support ticket summaries, ensuring consistency and clarity in your customer interactions. 

Translation features in AI writing tools can help your team support a wider global audience. Wordtune, for example, can translate from Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Hebrew, Russian, German, French, and Portuguese into English. This means you can more effectively communicate with customers across various languages.

Wordtune being used to translate a customer service complaint sent in Mandarin Chinese into English.

2. AI writing for lead generation

Getting leads is like fueling the engine that drives your business forward. And the best part? AI writing tools are a revolution in this field, too. 

Here are some ways AI writing software can help with lead generation:

  • Email subject lines: With AI software, you can create catchy and effective email subject lines that increase open rates and engagement.
  • Cold outreach emails: Personalized and persuasive cold emails can be crafted effortlessly using AI tools, increasing response rates.
  • Landing page copy: Your landing page is often the first point of contact for potential leads. AI can optimize your landing page copy, improving your conversion rates.
  • Call-to-action (CTA) optimization: An engaging CTA can significantly impact conversion rates, too. AI tools can help you create CTA text that entices the reader to take action.
  • Social media ad copy: You can use AI to generate compelling ad copy that resonates with your target audience, driving more clicks and sales.
  • Blog post headlines: An eye-catching headline can draw more readers to your blog posts, and AI tools excel at creating these.
  • Chatbot interactions: AI software can power your chatbot with engaging and human-like interactions, improving the customer experience.
  • Lead magnet creation: From e-books to whitepapers, AI tools can write lead magnets that your audience will find valuable.
  • Personalized follow-up emails: AI can generate personalized follow-up emails to nurture your leads and move them down the sales funnel.

Consider this example: a fitness brand is writing a landing page to promote its new line of workout apparel. The initial product description reads: 

"Our new workout apparel is comfortable and durable. Its light fabric is good for working out."

While this is a good start, it might need to be more compelling to entice potential customers. Using AI writing tools, you could enhance this description to better connect with your audience: 

"Experience the ultimate comfort during your workout with our durable, lightweight apparel. Its sleek, modern design will make you feel and look your best during any exercise routine."

See the difference? The new product description uses more evocative and exciting language to spark the reader’s imagination. Instead of plainly mentioning the features of the product, it explains to the reader the benefits of using it, making for a stronger emotional connection.

AI writing tools can help you enhance your writing, resulting in better engagement and lead generation.

Wordtune being used to rework landing page copy.

3. AI writing for content and digital marketing

A massive part of successful digital marketing revolves around content. Whether it's social media posts, blog articles, or email marketing campaigns, the quality of your content significantly impacts your results.

AI writing tools are, therefore, a boon for content and digital marketing. For instance, you can use these tools to create or enhance your content creation process. You can also optimize your content for SEO and ensure it resonates with your audience. AI tools can help manage your social media content, create engaging email marketing campaigns, and optimize your landing pages.

In a May 2023 survey of digital marketers using AI by AuthorityHacker, 85.1% of respondents said they used AI for article writing.

Graph of results from the AuthorityHacker survey showing the percentage of digital marketers who use AI for specific applications.

For businesses targeting global markets, content localization becomes essential. AI writing tools can translate and localize your content, ensuring it resonates with different demographics. 

Plus, they're great for editing and proofreading, so your content quality can be flawless before it goes live. 

Finally, with these powerful tools, you can personalize your content based on your audience's preferences and behavior, making it more engaging and effective.

4. AI writing for data analysis

Data analysis tools can be used on any text relevant to your business. For example, you can use them to scan your website, checking to see which pages are search engine optimized. Data analysis tools can suggest ways to improve the content for search engines. This can be as simple as including more key phrases relevant to popular web searches, including more original content, or fixing the titles of your pages.

But data analysis tools with AI capabilities can do a lot more:

  1. Discovering the sentiment behind words: Sentiment analysis is an exceptional capability of AI tools. Imagine it like a window into your customers' souls, gauging their feelings based on what they write or say about your brand online. Positive, negative, or neutral — these tools can pinpoint it all, giving you a clear picture of your brand's perception.
  1. Extraction of key information: This is where it gets even more interesting. AI tools can comb through large chunks of text, neatly identifying and pulling out critical pieces of information. For instance, they can detect mentions of your brand, product features, or even competitors in user reviews, articles, or social media chatter.
  2. Text classification and categorization: Let's say you've got a lot of customer reviews. An AI tool can sort them into meaningful categories — maybe by product type, customer sentiment, or even the issues customers face. This can streamline your task of addressing customer concerns, allowing you to prioritize and tackle them more effectively.
  3. Content gap analysis: The real charm of AI content tools is their ability to recognize what's missing in your content. They can flag the areas where you could enhance or modify the information to make it more comprehensive and relevant.

Trendspotting: Lastly, these smart tools have a knack for identifying emerging trends. They can analyze web and social media data to spotlight what topics are gaining traction. It's like having a crystal ball that gives you insights to stay ahead of the curve.

5. AI writing for increasing internal efficiency

Every internal operation in your business, from team emails to sales reports, benefits from clear, concise, and impactful writing. But the manual creation of such content can be such a chore! That's where AI writing tools swoop in, boosting efficiency and quality across the board.

Here are a few ways AI can enhance internal operations:

  • Email composition: From individual emails to group-wide announcements, AI tools can craft emails that are clear, engaging, and professional, saving your employees valuable time and effort.
  • Document creation: Whether it's meeting minutes, project plans, or internal reports, AI software can streamline the document creation process, ensuring the information is organized, clear, and easy to understand.
  • Grammar and spell-checking: AI copywriting tools often have a built-in grammar checker and spell checker. Using them means your internal documents will always be professional.
  • Content research: If you're developing internal content that requires research, AI tools can assist with that, too, collating and summarizing relevant content. This research can be used to create informative, up-to-date, and accurate pages for your company knowledge base, for example.
  • Translation and localization: If your team is multilingual, AI can translate your internal content for effective communication.
  • Workflow automation: AI writing tools can be included in automated workflows, increasing efficiency and allowing your team to focus on more strategic tasks. For example, they can be used to run translation across thousands of web pages, generate social media posts, or automatically respond to customer support requests.
  • Internal communication: From chat responses to discussion threads, AI software can ensure your internal communications are effective and engaging. By giving everyone tools to make improvements to their grammar, spelling, writing style, and tone, communication between everyone in the organization can improve. Everything from internal memos to business plans have the potential to be improved by AI writing tools.

Thus, AI writing tools can significantly streamline your internal operations, increasing overall efficiency and productivity.

6. AI writing for business operations

Content assistant tools aren't just for marketing or customer support. They have extensive applications across various business operations. These versatile tools can be instrumental in simplifying processes, enhancing communication, and ensuring consistency across multiple business functions.

Here's how AI writing assistants can enhance your business operations:

  • Customer communication: We've already touched on this, but it's worth reiterating. AI writing tools make customer communication better, creating engaging content and personalized customer experiences.
  • Documentation and reports: Whether it's sales reports, quarterly reviews, or project reports, AI software can help create clear, comprehensive, and professional documentation.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): SOPs are vital for business efficiency and consistency. They’re documented guidelines that outline standardized procedures for tasks within an organization, helping to ensure that every employee follows the same set of rules. AI tools can write easy-to-follow SOPs, improving operational efficiency.
  • Internal knowledge bases: AI tools can assist in creating and updating internal knowledge bases, ensuring your team always has access to accurate, up-to-date information.

Apps like Wordtune aid in maintaining an appropriate tone, which is crucial for effective internal communications. The result? More time for managers to focus on strategic tasks and less time spent crafting emails.

Drafting company policies, procedures, and guidelines is also easier with Wordtune. The “Paragraph Rewrite” feature can ensure clarity and precision in these critical documents, or you can hit “Shorten'' to create succinct, easily digestible content.

Get started with hardly any setup

No matter your writing skill, whether you're crafting engaging social media posts, optimizing your landing page copy, drafting internal emails, or creating comprehensive SOPs, AI writing tools streamline the process and enhance the output.

In my experience, embracing AI writing tools can be transformative in business. The consistent high-quality content output, the improved efficiency, and the capacity to meet a wide range of content needs are invaluable. 

Incorporating AI writing tools into your business is an investment in its future. These tools empower you to create high-quality content more efficiently, boosting your brand's image, improving your customer relations, and increasing internal productivity.

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